From William

The turbulent year of 2020 is now less than 24 hours behind us and the hope and faith of the year 2021 lays waiting for our travels ahead of us.

We here at CrossDove Writers are more than ready for the new year and we look forward to making 2021 by far the best year ever for our writers and their abilities to communicate information, stories, fun, laughter, tears and more.

CrossDove Writers has laid out a game plan for the upcoming travels through 2021 and they look like this:

  • Look for the weekly return of GRUMPY GRAMPS and his sometimes-unique outlook at the travels of life for a writer who is considered disabled while nearing the mid-term level of his 60’s.
  • Twice a week we plan to throw out a DOSE OF WRITING IDEAS to help kick start those moments when a writer or want-to-be writer is blaming writers block for a lack of ideas.
  • We have the hopes of giving our readers/followers a once-a-week SHORT STORY to read and critique.
  • If you like the world of limericks, twice a week we enter 2021 with the hopes of giving everyone a touch of POETIC PROSE.
  • And for anyone who speaks while trying to master the always expanding language of words, we will have two-to-three times a week what we are calling THE CHALLENGE OF WORDS!

Five reasons to become a reader/follower of CrossDove Writers and who knows, occasionally, the website may throw out a few surprises.

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May all have a blessed 2021 and always remember, the road ahead will and can be only as rough as one makes it.

{Published @2021 by CrossDove Writers}