Those who know me, know I can be pretty vocal about some things and I declare that I am done being quiet anymore about what is happening in our country and by our so called leadership in the white house.

In my near 64 years of living and breathing – I have grown up during the civil rights movement, the Vietnam protests, and the disastrous end to the Richard Nixon presidency.

I literally watched the assassinations of both Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy within a couple of months of each other – a point where I really thought our grand country might come apart.

But none of that compares to the embarrassment and total lack of true leadership we have in the white house currently.

Our President should not be a bully, narcissist, coward, or con man – but that is what we have now, and the future of our democracy is truly at a tipping point.

Today sealed the deal, or at least it should have to those who still seem to afraid to speak up and stand up to the unruly clown running our country down the drain.

When he only called the family of George Floyd to make him try and save face, that is embarrassing. He showed no empathy in his short conversation with the family – if he had the conversation would have been longer and the family would have been allowed to say something. He was an embarrassment to the presidency.

When he screamed at our governors for being weak and not tough enough to shut down these thugs (as he calls the protesters), and then threatens to call out the military to shut the peaceful protests down – he was acting like a dictator, not anything like a president.

It’s bad enough that he had already totally dropped the ball with the pandemic, but now to call those protesting for their civil rights peacefully ‘thugs’ while calling the sissies dressed in camouflage and carrying their big boy weapons while storming a government building ‘good guys’ – he has proven he wants to be a dictator and does not have the moral compass or empathy to be a president.

But tonight was the final straw, or least it should’ve been for everyone, when he called on the National Guard and Secret Service to dispatch a PEACEFUL PROTEST by using rubber bullets and tear gas just so he could walk across the street to get a photo op at a church he never steps in and then holding a bible up that he has never read – that is why others in the world are laughing at us.

I am done having any hope for those who still believe this man is going to make ‘America Great Again’ because he is not, and he never will.

What he is doing is dismantling everything our country stood for and everything that made our country the most powerful country in the world for so many years.

WAKE UP FOLKS – thanx to this goof in the White House, our country is not the most powerful in the world anymore and is slipping quickly into something which we do not recognize anymore as the United States of America.

WAKE UP FOLKS – if he activated some of the military today just because he is afraid of some peaceful protest than what is next…….

WAKE UP FOLKS – he is sounding the alarm for the neo-Nazi and white nationalists to step up their game and then we will be looking at another possible civil war.


I STAND WITH THOSE CHRISTIANS WHO TRULY EMBELLISH WHAT CHRISTIANITY IS and this man in the White House plus all his followers are not walking or doing what Jesus would do, not even close.

My rant is done for now – but I’m pretty sure there will be more to come.

Maybe my friend Winfield Scott Wulf should run for President!!

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