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Covering all types of media – political writes, informational writes, fun writes, opinion writes and much more!!

About CrossDove Writers

Welcome to CrossDove Writers – a place for myself (William) can share my thoughts, ideas, interests and more.

CrossDove Writers has several directions it may take you with our media write – – –

‘News to Know’ – An opportunity to share what we think is important news of the day, especially if it may or may not affect the life we are living today, tomorrow or in the future.

‘Grumpy Gramps’ – A semi-weekly, sometimes testy, sometimes tasty, sometimes humorous look at the life I lead with family, friends, community and our puppy Frosty.

‘Words to Know’ – A choice of some common, uncommon and maybe even some unusual words to fill some of those vocabulary vacuums we all have.

‘Letters Unstamped’ – A letter I may write to someone current or from the past, a letter written with some things to say but never got said, and of course most likely will never be mailed.

‘I Gotta Say’ – A few words and thoughts about the world around me, which may include politics, religion, education, public service, sports, or whatever I see that I may need to voice my opinion and thoughts about that day.

‘Today Is’ – An occasional spot with happenings that happened on that day as well as some words of wisdom for the wise and unwise.

‘Celebrating Life Now & Then’ – An occasional look at those who may be celebrating their beginning of life or remembering someone who may have left this life.

‘Short Stories’ – An adventure into the creative mind of CrossDove Writers.

‘Time 4 Rhyme’ – An poetic adventure into the creative minds of CrossDove Writers.

‘McPherson County KS, People & Places’ – A series of getting to know the people & places of the heart of America where CrossDove Writers resides.

So come in for a visit and see what we may share for the day.

Visit and feel free to leave a note or reflection about what you may see, and if you feel the need – feel free to share indeed!!

With that – CrossDove Writers says hello and good day!