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Covering all types of media – personal, political, informational, fun and funny, opinions, pictures of my playground and much more!!

About CrossDove Writers

Welcome to CrossDove Writers – a place where I (Will Dursens) can share my thoughts, ideas, interests and more.

CrossDove Writers has several directions it may take you with our media postings – – –

Grumpy Gramps‘ – A sometimes weekly, sometimes semi-weekly, sometimes testy, sometimes tasty, sometimes humorous look at the life I lead with family, friends, community and our puppy Frosty.

My Box of Crayons‘ – A weekly mixed color of opinions we may have about the world around us, the people in charge, and the future of tomorrow for us, our kids, our grandkids and even those future great-grandkids.

‘CrossDove Photography’ – A blend and play of pictures taken of my life, my travels, my world, my playground.

‘Dog Talk with Frosty Lou’ – A spot to discover the thoughts behind the life of our favorite pal, our Maltese puppy – Frosty Lou.

Writing Idea Challenge‘ – For those writers or writer wanna be’s who need new ideas or may be fighting that nasty thing called writer’s block, we deliver a twice a week basket of four directional activities.

Letters Unstamped‘ – Walking a path of private moments and appreciations.

Plus the occasional appearance of ‘Will’s Short Stories‘, ‘A Time 4 Rhyme‘, and ‘Celebrating a Life Living or Lived‘!


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