CrossDove Writer

The wrtitings & adventures of Will Dursens, Winfield Scott Wulf, & William Snesrud – covering all types of media – fun and funnier, personal and adventurious, informational and maybe even political!!

THIS IS CrossDove Writers!

A place where I (Will Dursens) can share my thoughts, ideas, interests, and more.

CrossDove Writers will and can take you in several directions depending on what you want to read, learn, and comprehend.

  • GRUMPY GRAMPS – A sometimes weekly, sometimes testy, sometimes tasty, sometimes humorous look at the life I lead with family, friends, community and of course my puppy buddy – Frosty Lou.
  • MY BOX OF CRAYONS – A mix of colorful opinions that we may have about the world around us. The people in charge, the future of tomorrow, businesses I deal with or maybe just the bump or speedways of the life being traveled.
  • WRITING IDEA CHALLENGE – A spot where a writer like myself, or for those wanting to write can find weekly innovative ideas, challenges, and prompts to help kick the writing block to the curb and get the juices of the brain flowing.
  • LETTERS UNSTAMPED – Our occasional walk to talk and share moments and appreciations with those who left a mark in our walk of life.
  • STORY TIME – An occasional or maybe weekly submission of a short story or time-for-rhyme from Will Dursens.
  • LIFE THROUGH MY LENS – Photos to be shared from my look at life through the lens of a camera.

Seemingly a bit of a busy body, yes. But this is who I am and the many hats I like to try and wear or share.

Always remember –


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