By Frosty Lou with help from Will Dursens

This puppy thing is really kind of cool, I mean I can almost get away with anything at least a few times. And when I hear the family talking about things I haven’t done yet – well, how could they not figure I would eventually.

Of course, this story began with the idea that I would or could sleep in the same room as they do, something which they didn’t seem to sure about, especially without any kind of collar or leash to keep me from wondering.

But we did it, I learned from what they were saying and showing me, I learned to curl up in my own little bed within six-feet of Papas side of the bed. And everything was going so well.

Until I overheard Yia Yia commenting about the bed to high for me to jump on, which is good because she wasn’t sure if I should stay on the bed with her and Papa at night. Guess she was afraid I would have an accident or something.

Wow, I thought I was doing pretty good with ringing them bells by the back door or letting them know when I needed to go outside. I mean, I haven’t had an indoor accident now for over three months, and that’s darn good in my book – especially when you count the number of hours, I spend waiting for them to sleep and then for Papa to finally wake up and roll out of bed for another day of duties.

So, about a week ago I decided it was time to surprise Yia Yia and make that attempt to jump up on their bed, while she was sitting there with hopes that if I missed, she would maybe catch me.

Guess what – she didn’t have to catch me, as I leaned back and put all my effort into the leap, I made the jump and seconds later there I was, standing next to Yia Yia as she was sitting on the edge of the bed watching the evening news, and was she ever surprised.

She shrieked and hollered for Papa, and when he came in, she pointed at me on the bed next to her and as I just looked at my Papa with my ‘hey, I did it’ look, Papa simply smiled and told Yia Yia – told you he could do it.

That night when Yia Yia went to bed, I jumped up on the bed and gave her a kiss good night before curling up next to her while we would wait for Papa to join us.

And for the past week, that is where I have been at night. Sometimes curling up by their feet, sometimes curling up by their backs and even one night finding myself curled up in the arm and hand of Papa.


I will tell you this, my nights are not always that peaceful when joining them on their bed, especially when I curl up by their feet as they both seem to move around much more often during the night than I imagined and every time they would move, I would have to make an adjustment.

Overall, I like this curling up on the bed with them at night. For one it makes me feel warm and fuzzy feeling and hearing them breath nearby and hear them I do as one of them does snore. Secondly, it is my duty to protect my family and being next to them I know that nothing is going to get to them without me having the chance to bark, snarl and lick to death whatever it is that seems to close for comfort.

So once again I have proven them wrong, or at least that I am becoming less and less a puppy and getting more toward a young adult dog, though I know that no matter how long we are together – I will always be Papa and Yia Yia’s puppy, and that is okay with me.

Almost forgot, you know that white stuff the family calls snow – well by gosh, we had some more fall out of the sky and at least for another few days I once again get to frolic in the white stuff while making it easier for Papa and Yia Yia to see where and when I did my duty as well.

Guess that may be all I have for now, so until next time when I have a few more barks of life to share – Happy Barking to all from Frosty Lou!!


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