By Will Dursens

Somewhere I once saw a note that said ‘Life is about using the whole box of crayons’!

This is my box of crayons, my color of opinion and observations on the world as seen from the heart of my country.

Today the color of crayon I choose is ‘RED’ because of the ‘Trump Deceptions’ that continue to move forward while the ‘Trump Administration’ dismantles or changes the direction our country is taking on a number of very important issues.

Today the color of red crayon I choose is a ‘DARK RED’ to reference the administrations continued attempt to dismantle our ‘Environmental Protection Agency’ and how it operates and protects people and businesses.

While the administration attracts our attention to the unneeded wall on the southern border, the continued badgering of the press, the borderline walk of tampering with the Mueller Investigation and the continued lies by tweeting about anything and everything – the administration is DISMANTLING the fabrics, the colors that have made our country the power and wonderful land that it is.

The color is ‘DARK RED’ because the administration is quietly, behind the scenes of most news briefings, working on taking down the Environmental Protection Agency as we know it and for what it protects.

I am sharing just a few bits of aggressive rollbacks the EPA has been ordered to do by the administration – rollbacks which will change how we live and send us back to the days of smog alerts and filthy, toxic waterways.

Among the items the administration has done are:

  • The administration is aggressively reorganizing the EPA to promote the interests of regulated industries, all at the expense of the EPA’s official mission which is to ‘protect human health and the environment’.
  • Early on the administration instructed the EPA to get rid of all mentions of climate change from its website.
  • The administration talks of gutting rules that protect drinking water from toxic chemicals, animal waste and other contaminants. (Recently the administration unveiled a plan that would weaken federal clean water rules that were designed to protect millions of acres of wetlands and thousands of miles of streams nationwide from pesticide runoff and other pollutants.)
  • Our President himself directly negated a recent report about climate change – saying he doesn’t believe climate change is man-made!!
  • Our President has ordered the formation of a working committee, as opposed to an official Federal Advisory Committee, of scientists to contradict climate change positions and the committee will be able to meet in private and not have to disclose public records of their meetings.

What the rollbacks will do is imperil the future of our life on this planet for maybe not my adult kids, but surely for my grandkids and possible grandkids by the time they become adults in their mid-thirties.

I for one fight an active, chronic illness that involves breathing and it scares the heck out of me to think about rolling back the emissions standards of coal plants and chemical factories.

Where I live, we have a huge refinery and at least one small chemical plant that on many days can and will affect the aroma of taking a deep breath in our community. We used to have the same thing with a fiberglass insulation plant until changes were made.

The priorities of this administration is to keep his people focused on non-issues, name calling and fear mongering while behind the scenes they continue to dismantle our country and much of what made it great.

Ahead, I will share the colors from my box of crayons that concern the other deceptions by the administration regarding education, banks, and more.

That my friend is, for today at least, my box of crayons talking about life and the world around us. Looking forward to helping you decide what your box of crayons says about your life and daily adventures you take.

With that, I simply say thanx – from Will.

(My Box of Crayons is copyrighted@2019 by CrossDove Writers – no part of this writing can be reprinted or used without written permission by CrossDove Writers and/or Will Dursens.)