PIC--TurningLeftOnRed--June-17-2016  Okay, here at CrossDove Writer we have a variety of things/topics we would like to talk about and in a variety of ways we could consider to say them – this is one of those ideas.

‘Grumpy Gramps’ comes from having been around the walks of life now for a good long time and since my grandkids once in a while say ‘oh, oh Gramps/Papa is grumpy’…….well it just seemed to be fitting to call these spouts of ‘getting something off my chest’ as coming from ‘Grumpy Gramps’.

Today let’s talk about driving, yes something which nearly everyone does (at least I don’t think of anybody that doesn’t by the time they are adults) and while everyone wants to claim or think that they are great drivers – our world is drivers that are full of arrogance, rudeness and just plain disrespect.

And I could go on and on about driving but today I think I’ll only be grumpy about a couple of points in particular, which gives me the opportunity to come back to this topic many more times to come.

Let’s talk about turning and in particular turning left into a street to go a different direction (remember I live and drive in the United States, so my grumpiness about turning left may reflect turning right in other countries where they drive on the other side of the street).

Does any recall the proper way to turn that they were taught in driver’s education or hopefully by their parents or maybe an aunt or uncle?  Does anyone remember the proper way to turn left in order to pass the driving test and get that much valuable first driver’s license?

I guarantee turning left to pass that driving test did not include cutting through the driving lane of the street you are turning on to, let alone cutting off the turn so much that you even slice an angle off the top end of the right turn lane of the street you are turning on to.

And I have not even discussed those folks turning left into a parking lot at a local grocery store or better yet Wal-Mart.

Over the next several days I ask you to be conscious about how you are turning and really pay attention and observe just how you are turning left either onto another street or into the store parking lot – better yet ask your kids, spouse or girl/boyfriend to critique your turning maneuvers.

I can’t tell you how many dirty looks, gestures and even some not so kind words have been thrown my way when I pull up to an intersection and stand my ground at the proper point of stop which forces oncoming vehicles to turn without cutting through my lane to get around the corner.  Yep Grumpy Gramps is happy to throw back a smile and maybe even blow them a kiss (the best way to respond when you know what their lips are saying is not language fit for my grandkids) to many of those who get mad because they can’t cut short their turn to save that precious few seconds of time in their hurry, hurry life.

Think about it, drive it, watch it and then tell me you have never gotten irritated about how much people cut the turn when turning left, to the point that maybe we all need to be required to retake that terrifying driver’s test and hope to heck the test taker follows the points of rules properly, because the number of people that can’t seem to make a proper left turn tells me a large, very large number of folks should have failed the left turn test.