Discussion--01  We all have our own thoughts, opinions, ideas – all of which we seemingly treasure as our own and unique, all of which come through what we decipher from family, friends, news and the world around us.

We all at one time or another like the opportunity to share those thoughts, opinions, ideas – you know let off some steam or maybe just to say ‘hey this is my opinion’.

That’s what ‘News View’ is about, an opportunity to take a few bits of current and/or more recent past news and putting our personal imprint and/or opinion on it.

So from somewhere nearly in the heart of the United States where views of news literally comes from television, the internet and yes even some newspapers and magazines (some of us still read them) – here comes a View of the News.

The News – A lone gunman went crazy with a military style assault weapon inside a nightclub in Orlando, Florida.  Initial reports had the shooter as being a person that hated homosexuals and of course had ties to ISIS in the middle east.  Of course the mouth we call Donald Trump was quick to re-enforce his call to ban all Muslims and put all the blame on President Obama, as did many of the right-wing conservative side of thinkers.

The View – Our country seems to dwell on three things when something major like a shooting happens, one – we jump to conclusions on what initiated the shooters reasoning for doing what they did, two –  we offer our condolences while not being willing to work together to solve the real issues for the incident and three – we have too much love for weapons, which in my opinion have no reason to be accessible to anybody that is not serving in the military and in direct defense of our country.

I am beginning to really get bugged by how quickly people jump to conclusions that maybe he was a tied to a terrorist group or let’s blame it on the Muslims when in actuality after the investigation began the shooter was a fellow, who though he was of Muslim faith, who just hated people and had several moments in his life that he seemed to be mentally and probably emotional unstable.  Sure he made a call claiming allegiance to ISIS, but personally I think that was done to push the buttons of the Muslim haters of our country and to give himself more publicity because we all know the news media would blow up with the mere mention of ISIS.

It seems that the shooter even visited those style of nightclubs in his past and being a born and breed U.S. citizen his only real tie to the middle east area was that his parents immigrated to our country many years ago to start life anew, kind of like nearly every person in our country today as we all are products of someone, somewhere immigrating to the United States to start anew.

I find it hard to swallow the true heart behind those who offer prayers and condolences in one breath or moment and then in the next breath or moment are condemning the shooter for being a Muslim and making all Muslims bad because of it.  Prayer with or followed by such hateful speech is nothing but a shallow person claiming to believe in his fellow man the way Jesus Christ did only doing so without the true heart or mind to be Christ-like.

And the third item, the love of weapons of destruction by so many citizens of our grand country, could truly be a whole ‘News Views’ write in itself and most likely will be in the near future.  My quick response is why is it so much easier for this shooter to have gotten a weapon made for the sole purpose of killing than it is for him to have gotten a handgun.  And for what reason does any individual that is not active within our country defense system (yes like Navy, Army, Air Force, Secret Service, National Guard or Law Enforcement) really need access to such a killing weapon for period.  And that is all I will say, as I know I will be in discussion about this again soon.

You may agree or disagree with what I post – it is always your choice, but I do ask for those who are compelled to leave a comment, compliment or rant (and I do encourage folks to speak their peace), you must be respectful of those who may not agree and be willing to agree to disagree and walk away as friends and fellow citizens trying to take care of our grand country together.  Those who are not respectful – well I will claim the right to dismiss those such individuals once they have been given the request to cease the lack of respectfulness.

So with that, for now from the very heart of this country we say aloha, shalom, prayers, blessings and get to know your views of the news – William & CrossDove Writer.

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