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Growing up I was always told to be sure and keep a check on my ego, never let it take control of my personality and life.

Since I was a sickly and scrawny kid growing up, an inflated ego was not something I ever had to worry about – but I knew several folks along my path of life that fit those traits that go with being referred to as an ‘Egomaniac’.

People that know me, know that I can be very opinionated about my outlook on life and in particular the politics that I may get involved with just because I have a very caring and socially democratic way of looking at things. Of course, many folks hear those two words and have called me a communist but trust me there is a huge difference and we will leave that for another Grumpy Gramps on another day.

Today I am thinking about the word ‘Egomaniac’ due to what I view as living within the big white house of Washington these days.

In a recent reading I noted that Egomaniac’s have up to 10 distinctive traits and those traits seemed like a good place to start in reviewing my thoughts about the man in charge of our great country.

Number one was ‘extreme self-centerness’!! Yep, there is definitely a bunch of that since it seems like every few sentences that come from that office in the big white house references him and all the so called great things he has done, is doing or is planning on doing. Of course, much of what he has done, is planning or is doing centered around how it will make him look good.

Number two was ‘intense cruelty’, and yes, I see that happening much more than most seem to want to claim. Details on these thoughts will be saved for a future ‘Grumpy Gramps’.

Oh, the third trait listed was ‘naïve self-confidence’, and there is no doubt that our so-called leader has an over abundance of that. Remember when he pointed out that he knew more about foreign countries and their militaries than our own world military leaders!! Remember when he pointed out that he knew how to change the direction of the country’s financial stuff because he was an outstanding business person and negotiator – forgetting to mention the number of bankruptcy’s and law suits that he has had.

Trait number four was a ‘lack of empathy’ – we see that nearly every other day when he mocks those who are less fortunate or disabled.

Number five was ‘sense of entitlement’, of which the man we call president #45 claims he has not had – yet his parents (or at least his Dad) bankrolled him with some $50 million to get going with his luxury buildings projects.

When I saw number six, ‘lack of maturity’, I almost laughed because I immediately thought of the number of times that guy in the big white house acted more like my seven-year old grandson than a guy that has lived life and was looking at the beginning of the end at age 70-something.

‘Calculating and cold’ was listed at number seven for traits of an ‘egomaniac’, and that does fit the attitude and presentation that comes from the man’s mouth, twitter and body language. Much of the time, especially when it comes to times of acting like a bully or insensitive nut, he is calculating his moves and actions for the sole reason of filling the already full pockets of his filthy rich friends or his own pocketbook by filtering everything on weekends through one of his own hotels and/or golf courses.

No words are needed for number eight which is ‘ill temperament’. We have all seen how vindictive words will flow from the office of the white house when somethings are said or done that ruffles the feathers of his extremely large ego.

Number nine talks about ‘always alone’ and yes, he is – especially at night when he seems to watch only news that flatters his ego and if it doesn’t then he goes ballistic on that thing they call twitter.

Now, number ten is once again another of those traits which fits the leader of our country perfectly, it’s ‘lust for extravagance’!! Anyone that lives in a home with gold everything and wants a military parade just to make the bone spur draft dodger feel militaristic seems to fit this trait without even a hiccup.

Now maybe you are one that appreciates or may be even envious of a person with traits that fit an ‘egomaniac’ – I am not one of them and never have been. Could be why I have struggled of my path of life in some jobs where I had to deal with folks that pushed their way to leadership with an ego that ran over everyone without any respect to the results except their own satisfaction.

You may be saying, I thought ‘Grumpy Gramps’ talked about everyday life with his wife, family, puppy and all? Well, yes, I do, but sometimes the politics of life going on around me does affect myself, my family (especially the future for my kids and grandkids) and the path of life I am trying to navigate. And currently the happenings going on in Washington and around my own state of Kansas says, ‘things are going off track and the freedoms, the democracy that we have is about to jump those tracks and crash’. That is when I say, it is better to get involved and voice both an opinion about it along with some ideas to fix it than it is to just sit quietly until the train of freedom and democracy has already jumped the tracks and begun to burn.

So yes, expect more thoughts and ideas about the direction of our country and the heart of it where I live, as to this ‘Grumpy Gramps’ it seems to be the patriotic thing to do.

With that – hugs, prayers, blessings & happy thoughts from Grumpy Gramps

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