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Writers always have a need or a plan that includes grabbing an idea or prompt at times to kickstart their mind and next writing adventure.

We here at CrossDove Writers all love taking a prompt or new idea and seeing how it can be worked through our fingers and then either a keyboard or pen/pencil and become a new story, poem, or even the beginning of our next novel adventure.

Continuing our four-part plan of ideas or prompts, we at CrossDove Writers are hoping to help stimulate your mind and get a new writing adventure rolling.

Here’s to hoping you will find these different ideas/prompts useful so that your writing adventures can grow as your imagination wonders the mind.

Good Luck – Good Thoughts – Good Writing!

Let the stimulation process begin:

Idea/Prompt 1 = A Journal Entry Question for the Day:


Share a story based on the heat of the summer and how it may affect attitudes, work, families, or even how the heat affects crimes to be committed. Detail what the heat does to any of the listed ideas/prompts.

Idea/Prompt 2 = A 500-3,000 Challenge:

Write a short article, story or poem using 500-3,000 words while emphasizing the words ‘SWEAT’ and ‘EXHAUSTION’.

Idea/Prompt 3 = Turning the Unfinished Sentence into a Story:

“When I get so sweaty that my clothes are ringing wet, I just want to ___________________, but then again those around me may wonder about my ____________________________.”

Idea/Prompt 4 = The word for Today is:


Write a story or poem about dealing with ‘Bromidrophobia’.

REMEMBER: If you would like, send us some of your works that may come from these ideas….we would enjoy seeing the harvest of thoughts and ideas.

As always, we hope the ideas/prompts will help get your mind running toward a new and refreshing writing adventure.

Relax and just let the mind flow, the fingers will move as the mind commands and with that the writing begins.

Good Luck – Good Thoughts & Good Writing!

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