By Gramps for CrossDove Writers

   Here I am once again fulfilling the reality of why I title these writes, ‘Grumpy Gramps’.

   The reality is the name comes from those days when my grandkids were much younger and once in awhile they would be around when something would just jerk my chain the wrong way and I would get a bit of an attitude (yep, I know that those who know me well understand) and they would be heard whispering “look out Gramps is getting Grumpy”. So that is how we became Grumpy Gramps.

   Today is a fine example of my chain being yanked the wrong way.

   Sometimes when I am driving around town or taking the 15-minute trip to the groomer for our puppy Frosty Lou, I find myself wondering about the people around me and their driving.

   Driving is something which the majority of people have learned to do by the time they are in their late teens and while most of these folks we call drivers may seem to think or claim they are good to great drivers – I question that every time I drive down the road.

   I am quite sure when I first began writing these ‘Grumpy Gramps’ that I discussed this at one point or another, and unfortunately things have not changed in regard to my opinion.

   People seem to be wanting to drive with arrogance, rudeness and just plain disrespect way too many times.

   One of the two things that bug me more than any thing else are those who when turning left take a very sizable shortcut. Now if it is only a two-lane road it only matters when nobody is at the intersection in the direction the driver may be turning.

   But when someone is heading east and wanting to turn north, and the north going south lanes include a turn lane to turn east, God forbid if someone is in that lane because the person turning north from heading east will 85% of the time cut through the turn lane.

   Now I have been in that turn lane several times and when those turning toward me realize I am there which cause them to ‘properly’ make the turn, it seems much more than not I will get a look like – ‘why did you block my way’ or ‘you stupid ass, you’re in my way’!

   That is all I will say about this matter for now and those who want to argue with me, do not choose to do so until you have spent a few days actually observing the idea yourself.

   My other bone-picking irritation comes from our communities only round-a-bout!

   While it is impossible to get a clear idea of the use of turn signals when using a round-a-bout, it would seem to me it is like any other intersection and those require turn signals to designate whether you are going straight through the intersection or turning off to the right or left.

   In the round-a-bout more than most intersections it would seem to the proper thing to do and most of all, it would be the respectful thing to do for fellow drivers and that is giving them an idea of where and when you may exit the round-a-bout.

   All I suggest is that over the next four or five days when you are driving, pay closer attention to your left turns and see if you are cutting the other lane when making the turn itself and if going through a round-a-bout, really see who does and does not use a turn signal and then decide which is better at making the flow of the round-a-bout less frightening.

   Am I a perfect driver, hell no and as I creep through my mid-sixties, I am sure it will never approach perfect ever again, but I do have an idea of what is the proper way to drive intersections and more than anything else – I know what driving skills are more respectful to those driving around you.

   One thing I can guarantee, if I am one in the left turn lane and you are making a left turn toward me – I will stand my ground and you best hope you are not going so fast as to not take the normal six-to-ten-foot cutoff of the lane to do your turn.

   Yep, call me names, flip me off or give me dirty looks (all of which I have been given) as much as you want – I have been driving a whole lot longer than most of the rest of you and guarantee I know what the rules are and what respect means. I will not tolerate arrogant, rude, and disrespectful driving – EVER!!

   By the way, if I am the driver you get mad at for not being able to be arrogant, rude or disrespectful to and give me a face, gesture or words (I have gotten pretty good at lip reading over the years), don’t be shocked if all you get in return is a big smile or even better a wink of the eye and if lucky – I may just throw you a kiss.  We call that a ‘Grumpy Gramps’ response.

   And this will not likely be the only write about driving and traveling from me, that is why it is listed as ‘part 1’.

   With that – hugs, prayers, blessings, and happy thoughts from Grumpy Gramps.

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