(This is a few paragraphs from Chapter 1 of the Book – ‘NATURE’S WAY, a Community of Un-Perfect, Perfect Living’ by Will Dursens)

The name of the community was Nature’s Way and believe it or not you will most likely not find it on any maps older than maybe 2004.

The reason is that Nature’s Way, Kansas is not only possible the newest community in the state, it may also be one of newer communities in the whole country as it only came into existence beginning around 1989.

When I was given the opportunity to visit the community for a few days to get a close up look at what many say is the near perfect community for some of the most imperfect people.

In my research leading up to my Nature’s Way adventure I discovered several unique tidbits about the community itself.

For one, the community is evenly split right down the middle going north to south by Highway 77 while at the same time being nearly split right down the middle going east to west by the imaginary line separating Butler County to the north and Cowley County to the south.

With its positioning, Nature’s Way I discovered during my research inquiries, has made some interesting arrangements when it comes to the social and government support and politics from both Butler and Cowley counties.

According to those inquiries, Nature’s Way has developed special arrangements with both counties as to how to split resources necessary at the county level, resources such as sheriff department coverage, emergency management coverage and any possible coverage needed regarding county roadway issues, an important issue since one of the state’s most traveled two-lane highways cuts right through the middle of the community.

Driving along the road heading toward my destination and adventure, I continued to recollect some of the findings, stories, and commentaries I found during my prewrite research of the community itself.

One of the most intriguing things I found was that it appears that whenever folks drive through, or better yet, take the time to stop for a visit within the confines of Nature’s Way, they all seem to come away with a unified agreement that the town itself and the people within it appear to be nearly perfect in every way possible.

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