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Many writers have a need or a plan to grab an idea or prompt to help kickstart their mind and next writing project.

We as a group love taking a prompt of any kind and seeing how it can work it’s way through our fingers and either onto a keyboard or paper in becoming a story, poem, or even the beginning of a novel adventure.

We at CrossDove Writers look forward to throwing out a four-part plan of ideas or prompts which will hopefully stimulate the mind and get the writing motions going.

Here’s hoping you will find different ideas/prompts useful so that your writing adventures can grow as your imagination levels grow.

Good luck – good thoughts – good writing.

Let the stimulation process begin:

Idea/Prompt 1 = A Journal Entry Question for the Day:

Tell us about a story from your childhood involving the beginning of summer after school ended? What did you look forward to doing or going?

Idea/Prompt 2 = A 500-1,000 Challenge:

Write a short article, story or poem using 500-1,000 words while emphasizing the words ‘summer’ and ‘traveling’.

Idea/Prompt 3 = Turning the Unfinished Sentence into a Story:

“When I go on a trip, I like to travel by ________________________________.”

Idea/Prompt 3 = The word for Today is:


If you would like, send us some of your works that may come from these ideas……..would enjoy seeing the reaps of our thoughts and ideas.

As always, we hope the ideas/prompts will help get your mind running toward a new and refreshing story, article, or poem.

Relax and just let the mind flow, the fingers will move as the mind commands and with that the writing begins.

Good Luck – Good Thoughts & Good Writing!

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