By Gramps for CrossDove Writers

YES – I did take a pair of vaccine shots and did so back in March when I took the two offered by Moderna. I guess that means I am covered, or so many may think.

The vaccine shot idea was something I took very seriously as I suffer from several chronic health issues including a damaged heart, severe asthma, and stage III COPD.

But I was smart, and I trust those who should know by their training, I checked with all three of my so-called health providers (my physician, my pulmonologist, and my cardiologist) and all three of them gave an immediate thumbs up about the vaccine’s safety, reliability, and protection. It was their thumbs up was all I really needed to have because I do lean on those folks trained in the medical fields to help guide and take care of me and my health issues.

I repeat, I do not rely on a bunch of ‘who knows where they got their information’ that one can currently find on the internet and television.

With the number of those people being vaccinated continually going up, the question now is – DO I CONTINUE TO WEAR A MASK OR NOT?

Even I sometimes find it hard to comprehend that I have not entered any major retail store like a Wal-Mart or our local Dillons grocery store since late February, early March of 2020.

Have I missed it, not really though I do miss the opportunity to walk in Wal-Mart where I had better opportunities at getting my daily steps in.

The only thing close to a retail store that I have been in were a few very quick visits to a local hardware store to pick up a couple of things for the house, and a medical supply spot to refill supplies for my c-pap and nebulizer machines.

I am constantly hearing now that because I have been vaccinated that I could go without a mask nearly anywhere, especially outside. I am just not sure that I will.

I will overlook any stares I may get when and if I return to a Wal-Mart or Dillons in the next few weeks because I plan to WEAR A MASK.

The fact is, I do not know for sure who of those that will be around me anywhere I go, may or may not have been vaccinated, and that is the reason why I will continue to wear a mask.

My plans at the moment, are to wear a mask anytime I consider going into a facility that may find me being within six feet of people.

My plans also will be to evaluate any outdoor situations and plan accordingly.

No matter what I will be doing – at the absolute minimum, I will always carry a mask with me for an exceedingly long time into the future.

Recently I was able to attend a recent graduation of grandchild number five of ten, and none of the folks in my daughter’s backyard for the reception afterwards wore a mask.

So why did I not wear a mask – mainly because the entire thing was held outdoors on a rather beautiful day. I also pretty much knew exactly who had or had not received the vaccine shots among those in attendance.

Those for which I was not sure about, it was simple – I just kept a healthy distance from them. Of course, among those in attendance was an ex-wife, I had no issue keeping my distance because not to do so will always find an issue of some sort and keeping our distance is definitely for the better of all.

What others decide to do is entirely up to them and I am fully aware that I do not, and should not want anything to do with their own decisions.

So, for today that is my take on one of those situations that everyone seems to have an answer for.

But, due to myself being one of those who deals daily with any kind of chronic health issue, especially if like mine will always hinder the immune system – then, wearing a mask or having one to wear if needed may become the daily way of living and I accept that fact and am comfortable knowing that is just the way it will be.

Sometimes I do wonder about others, especially those with chronic health issues, and ask myself, will they still wear a mask when they go out like they have been or will wearing a mask become more dependent on their situation of the moment?

This is what Gramps felt like gabbing about for today as I look toward the summer with hopes that maybe, just maybe, Gramps can consider getting back out and about to where routine trips to the store get back to what they used to be, even if it means to wear a mask as an extra precaution for my health and well-being.

With that – hugs, prayers, blessings, and happy thoughts from Gramps.

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