From William

Words are what makes our life work.

We have words for everything and everybody.

So, let us give you a CHALLENGE OF WORDS!!

This will increase your vocabulary for one.

For two, you will just maybe learn something and as I have been told and shared many times before:

“A day should never go by without either a lesson learned, or a challenge ignored”.


The proper PRONUNCIATION would be:

  • {with-er-shinz}

The DEFINITION would be:

  • WIDDERSHINS is defined as being ‘In a direction contrary to the sun’s course, considered as unlucky; Counterclockwise’.

The ORIGIN of the word WIDDERSHINS would be:

  • The word WIDDERSHINS comes from the German language around 1505.
  • WIDDERSHINS Etymology derives from the Middle Low German word weddersins; from the Middle High German word widershinnes; from wider ‘against’ plus sin ‘direction’; with a second element associated with the Scots sin ‘sun’.

The HISTORY of the word WIDDERSHINS would be:

  • SYNONYMS = anticlockwise; counterclockwise; left-handed’ left-handedly; retrograde; reversely.

Using the word WIDDERSHINS in a sentence:

  • Example would be = “She did not waken as her dad scooped her up in his arms, carried her down the staircase, then turned fully WIDDERSHINS so that he was facing North.”

Remember to add WIDDERSHINS to your vocabulary and use it sometime to see who of others in your travels know the word or may find themselves stumped as to what you have said when using it.

Oh, and do not forget to continue working our previous ‘Challenge of Words’, opps, forgot that this is the first in our submission of the ‘Challenge of Words’.

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