By Will Dursens

Remember as kids, when one was asked to help tell their story about what is happening in their life, we would give them some crayons and a big sheet of paper. Remember how they would then draw pictures which would show total utmost honesty about how they looked at the world at that moment – that is what we have with our postings ‘My Box of Crayons’.

This is what and how my crayons see things going on in the world today.


This CORONAVIRUS is serious stuff folks and anyone, whether healthy or not, that is not taking it seriously is being an outright fool in my opinion.

My color of crayons over this pandemic mess is one of both high irritation and high worry.

High worry because the situation is not yet under control and to many of those getting sick or may have the CORONAVIRUS are not getting testing properly and/or in a timely process while also facing medical staffs that seem to be greatly under prepared due to a lack of support from the highest levels of our government.

Several situations have already caused me high irritation due to attitudes among too many.

The attitude that the virus will only strike the older generation and those with a limited immune system due to a chronic illness or disease. WRONG – currently the largest segment of the population testing positive comes from the age grouping of 30-45 years of age!!

The attitude of if I get it, I get it mode. WRONG – that is an attitude of selfishness and without any attempt to figure the concept of possible infecting those who walk the same path of life as they do. Plus, as one who constantly fights lung issues – trust me, you do not want what this sounds like it could be.

The attitude of ‘this is a big hoax or maybe something concocted by the Chinese’. WRONG – ignorance like this is beyond comprehension to me, but it is out there and out there even at the highest levels of our own government.

And then we have the attitude of those in government that openly appear to worry about the wealthy 1% and the giant corporations who have already benefited from the huge tax breaks our current administration gave them a couple of years back. WRONG – the people in our government who are making the rules at the moment seem to be thinking about the mighty dollar instead of the regular folks who elected them to have the job they don’t seem to want to do.

Granted, all the folks in Washington did come together and passed a multi-trillion-dollar relief package. Unfortunately, like so many other times during economic crisis the majority of the money went to the upper 1% and the large corporations who have already benefited from the current administrations one-sided tax cut packages.

Another question I have had is whether or not the economic crisis was bound to happen soon anyway even without the health crisis going on as I say the huge gains on Wall Street being more of a paper made success from the added tax breaks given out by the current administration to go along with the success coming from the bounce back economy thanks to the President Obama administration.

Many of these large corporations could save millions if they would just stop paying their top tier administrators multi-million-dollar salaries. Sorry, but I for one don’t understand how anyone can be worth that much in a straight salary position instead of them having to maybe earn much higher wages with a stairway incentive program.

And for those of you who wonder why I may sound like I am picking on corporation executives; I am not – yes, I do believe that many professional athletes and entertainment celebrities are also paid way too much. But this gets into a whole other posting for a time in the future.

Back to the coronavirus situation.

The current administration in Washington literally dropped the ball at the very beginning and then has tried to play catch up without ever once considering themselves to blame, but instead blaming everybody else from the media to foreign countries to state politicians and even to former Presidents who haven’t been in the White House for three and a half years now. I used to be in management, and you became the one to blame within just a couple of months of being in charge and would never be allowed after those first few months to blame the former managers.

With this health pandemic, our country is discovering just how much of a narcissist our current leader is. Plus, his total lack of real morals and empathy for his fellow man is shining bright as his unbelievable lack of real knowledge of so many things in government and how they work.

The track record is there. The administration knew about the upcoming pandemic several weeks before they even began to throw out their horse and pony show claiming it was a hoax, then claiming they never saw it coming and then throwing around lame ideas to solve it before finishing off this week with threats to the several state governors to play nice with the narcissist leader or they would not help them out like a federal government should during a crisis like we are having.

Will it get better. Eventually.

But probably not before the spread of the coronavirus peaks out at a number which I am not sure we are willing or wanting to imagine.

What will get it better will be when and if the current administration steps up to the plate and forgoes the leader’s petulant attitude and reacts more presidential instead of like a self-serving nitwit.

Imagine if President George W. Bush had the current leader’s attitude during the 9/11 disaster. If the current leader had jumped in with both feet and praised the early responses by those in the health care industry, if he had jumped on the early information and negotiated with United States companies on how to drive up production of the planned needs such as surgical style masks and gowns while also getting it ramped up to pour out the necessary health equipment needed as well.

Unfortunately we can not imagine our current administration  reacting in those ways because they lack the moral compass and empathy needed at this time for the citizens for whom he works for and not just for the corporations who spend the big bucks to lobby for his precious gifts.

Like I do with many postings, I like to finish off with a question or two.

Today my box of crayons is coloring in a question requesting your thoughts about the pandemic and how our current administration is handling the whole situation?

That my friends is, at least for today, where I am using my box of crayons – to make folks understand just how badly the current administration in the White House has dropped the ball in taking care of the people he serves for the reasons he should – empathy for others.

With that, I simply say thanx for letting me share – – – Good Day!

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