By Will Dursens

Our country and the world itself, is facing a health situation that could become a major or even as some would like to say, an event of biblical proportions if the world leaders are not able to handle it properly.

It is a health situation which unfortunately comes during a period of time in which it seems not many world leaders seem to want or are capable of take the lead in dealing with it.

Yes, we are talking about the CORONAVIRUS or COVID-19!

Normally when a major event such as this happens it is our country, the United States, that takes the lead in the battle – but not this time around.

But without getting into the political fallout that the CORONAVIRUS will have, let’s talk about each of us as individuals or family units and just how are we dealing with it.

I for one am taking this CORONAVIRUS very, very seriously and it’s not just because I have a couple of reasons that I should be.

Regardless of the fact that I have issues with my age (nearly 64) and my health, as I  am considered high risk due to late Stage III COPD, severe Asthma and a heart issue – I take it seriously because we all should individually, as families and as communities – it’s the logical thing to do.

We should all be putting ourselves into a self-quarantine mode for maybe at the minimum of the next four weeks – because it’s the logical thing to do!

Due to those previously mentioned health issues, most years I have already gone into a quarantine or isolation mode beginning in the first couple of weeks of October due to the flu season. So being isolated or quarantined is not really that big a deal for me, but it should be for each and everyone else.

What does alarm me is the number of folks who have used the CORONAVIRUS to go off the deep end and run into the grocery stores and buy out toilet paper, Kleenex, sanitizer and enough food to feed a couple of small armies. Clearing out the shelves without thinking of leaving anything for others.

The stocking up on toilet paper is a real eye opener for me, do these folks not pay attention and understand that the CORONAVIRUS does not effect the bottom half of one’s body functions. I figure if they need that much toilet paper over a possible four to six-week quarantine mode, then maybe they have more health issues to worry about than the CORONAVIRUS.

Come on folks, this CORONAVIRUS is serious stuff and people, whether healthy or not, that are not taking it seriously are being just outright fools in my opinion. And that thought of foolishness is stronger when I consider the number of millennials between the ages of 30-45 who seem to be blowing it off when in fact the current numbers have their age group being the largest group getting sick currently in most countries!

This ‘Grumpy Gramps’ does get an attitude about several points of attitude during this health battle worldwide:

  • That attitude of ‘if I get it, I get it’ mode – a very selfish attitude without any real concept or care for those walking life along with them.
  • That attitude of ‘this is a hoax, or it’s concocted by the Chinese’ mode – ignorance like that is beyond comprehension to me when science is proving it’s not a hoax. Scary that this ignorance is found even in the highest levels of the government running many countries, including my own.
  • The attitude of ‘bail out the businesses before the citizens’ mode – just plain selfish when you take care of the top 1% and big corporations before you take serious the livelihood of those citizens that elected you to your government position.

Am I being somewhat harsh towards many folks, probable. But for one, at my age I don’t care about being harsh toward fools, ignorance and poor management as I care about the future for myself, and most of all my extended family.

I understand the depth of harm this CORONAVIRUS can and will do to people just as I also understand the full reasoning put behind the demand for isolation and distancing from each other – it’s called keeping ahead of the curve.

I highly suggest if you don’t understand the concept of staying ahead of the curb by now that you stop being selfish and playing games on your computer, tablet or smart phone and begin to do some research.

Remember folks, as bad as the flu was in 1918, it would’ve been a whole lot worse if folks had not understood the ‘getting ahead of the curve’ philosophy.

So, I will continue to do the quarantine or isolation thing for another four weeks (a time period I see as an absolute minimum) to maybe four to six months if needed – because it is the logical thing to do.

I will continue to keep holding on to the hope and faith that all of our government leaders around the globe will finally come together for the good of all people and put their heads together while looking beyond local, regional, federal and world differences to take this battle on and get this CORONAVIRUS under control.

QUESTION TIME – Many times I like to leave you with a question or two to think about and maybe even respond to. The question(s) I am asking today are:

  • What is your level of stress or concern over the CORONAVIRUS?
  • What is your game plan of action now and moving forward to protect you and your own battle to avoid the CORONAVIRUS?
  • Do you feel it is logical to quarantine and is the world truly prepared for this pandemic?


With that – hugs, prayers, blessings and happy thoughts from Grumpy Gramps!

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