By Will Dursens

Remember as kids, when one was asked to help tell their story about what is happening in their life, we would give them some crayons and a big sheet of paper. Remember how they would then draw pictures which would show total utmost honesty about how they looked at the world at that moment – that is what we have with our postings ‘My Box of Crayons’.

This is what and how I my crayons see things going on in the world today.

Today I ask the question – WHEN IS TELLING A LIE OKAY?

When I was growing up, one thing I knew would happen if I even tried to tell a lie, I would get in big trouble and suffer a consequence of some kind. This would even happen if I told a little lie because that is the way I was raised – telling a lie is never okay!

As I grew up and entered the world of adulthood I soon discovered that a little bit of a lie was easier to get away with, but a big lie or sharing highly misleading information would seem to always end up causing an issue in your life no matter how hard one would try to make it believable.

So why am I talking about telling a lie or giving out misleading information or ideas – because in the past few years it has become seemingly much more acceptable not only within society but within the world of our political leadership.

Everyday I question how anyone in a highly placed political position could honestly lie with a complete straight face to the general public or citizens of the country that they were elected to serve.

When I read or hear stories about individuals, both in the general public and at high levels of government, that are willingly ignoring the truths behind what our current administration is doing and saying, then I have to wonder who is really looking out for the best interests of the people, the citizens that they were elected to serve.

According to one reputable media outlet, the current head of this great country of ours has lied over 16,250 times since he took office in the White House. Holy cow people, that is an average of 14.8 lies per day!!

Tell me, how long would your marriage or relationship last if you tried to lie or mislead about nearly anything?

Tell me, how long would you stay employed at your current job or nearly any job if you were found to be lying or giving misleading information on the job?

Tell me, how long would you stay out of a financial mess if you continued to lie or give misleading information about a lingering missed or nonpayment of an important bill or loan?

Unless you run, work or deal with some folks with questionable scruples I would say telling a lie or giving misleading information will do nothing but make your life a possible living hell.

So, what is it that makes it so much more acceptable to say or do nothing about the constant lies and misleading statements coming from the tweets and mouth of the man who is supposed to be leading this great country of ours?

Now if you are a church going soul, and in particular a Roman Catholic, one could say that a person is redeemable from his transgressions. But isn’t that only if they confess their failures and then do their level best to not do them again?

When the world is laughing or crying for us, one should be asking why?

When the world sees the lies and misleading information babbled out of the man in the White House, they shake their head and wonder how the heck we put up with it.

My question is the same – how the heck are so many folks and high-ranking government leaders putting up with it?

Is the end goal for all of them being that they want to stay in power, even if it means we have a narcissist and lifelong liar leading out country down a path where our democracy itself is in question?

When lying becomes the norm and is acceptable by our government leaders, then we as citizens must be willing and able to stand up and say that enough is enough.

When I see tweets or hear babbling coming from our supposed leader of the country and free world and they are so full of lies and misinformation about the financial standing of our country, about fellow politicians, about science, about climate change and the environment, about former highly respected government leaders, about women, about our country’s allies, or especially about himself and he seems to be getting away with it – then I know we as people and as a country are in trouble, and I mean big trouble.

Ask my kids or my grandkids, I would not be a very good prankster because I have too much trouble even telling a little lie let alone a big one.

And I for one have never asked anything more from my family, my friends and any business associates than for them to always be honest with me about everything.

I have worked for several folks in my days that were much like the man in the White House in that they felt it was okay to lie and mislead others in order to get their way or make a buck or two. Needless to say, those were jobs or friendships for which my time was limited before I was willing to walk away with no regrets except for having to question their moral character and scruples.

To watch and see my country being split apart by the use of lies and totally misleading information, means I can not be quiet anymore.

Lying or purposely giving out misleading information is never okay and never, ever should be condoned – especially at the highest levels of our government.

I never got away with it because it is morally wrong. I never let my kids or grandkids get away with it because it is morally wrong. And I will not allow it to become the norm by my government leaders either, and just for the moral reasons alone – neither should anyone else.

So, one more time, I am asking the question – WHEN IS TELLING A LIE OKAY? Give me at three reasons why anyone should ever allow our highest government officials get away with lying and purposely handing out misleading information or ideas.

Remember, your morals and scruples are being questioned – what do you want others to see or feel?

That my friends is, at least for today, where I use my box of crayons – I talk about the openly racist side of our country that is once again raising its ugly head and getting away with it. And I for one would like to change my drawing on this situation.

What does your box of crayons say about your thoughts of these situations which ultimately will make a difference in your life no matter where you live?

With that, I simply say thanx for letting me share – – – Good Day!

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