By Will Dursens

Remember as kids, when one was asked to help tell their story about what is happening in their life, we would give them some crayons and a big sheet of paper. Remember how they would then draw pictures which would show total utmost honesty about how they looked at the world at that moment – that is what we have with our postings ‘My Box of Crayons’.

This is what and how I see things going on in the world today.

Today I ask the question – What if they were black, Hispanic or Asian?

I am referencing those individuals who have recently arrived in groups on the walkways of several state government assemblies while dressed in camouflage and carrying military style weapons. Many if not most of those individuals within these groups even arrived with their faces covered.

Even more recently, in one state, there has been individuals showing up outside the home residences of political activists. They have arrived carrying their military style weapons and while claiming to be peaceful, it openly smells of ‘attempts of intimidation’ because those living at these residences have taken up the charge of trying to develop and pass common sense gun control measures.

Beyond these incidents, we have also had a march in Washington D.C., the home of our government, that was made by openly white nationalists, all with their faces covered and pressing the purpose of a white America.

This is alarming, very alarming because our country has never in my 60+ years of living have had this kind of openly disregard to the safety and concerns of others in pursuit of ideas full of bigotry and hate.

I am white and, in all honesty, grew up in two different communities which were pretty much all white, though if I went back to either community that in itself has changed dramatically in the past 35 years.

But I never felt and still do not feel threatened by the truth of our country which is that is has been and will always be powerful thanks to its diversity.

With these recent incidents of folks willing to openly show their need for military toys to act like real men and their fear that white America is disappearing, I find one thing that sticks out more than anything else – WHY WAS IT ALLOWED?

Tell me the truth, what would have happened if those men showing up at government assembly halls dressed military style with the big weapons had been either African American, Hispanic or Asian?

Do we really think that if that had been the case that they would have made it into the actual hallways of the state government without any resistance by law enforcement?

If you want to think that the same style of protest would have been allowed if the group was anything else but white – that you are dreaming because this country is still being run by white fear of losing their majority.

I would like to be wrong, but I really don’t think I am.

If the people showing up recently at the residences of state politicians were anything but white Americans, do you really think they would have been allowed to walk up and down the street in front of those houses with the sole purpose of intimidation – no, I am pretty sure they would have been immediately been stopped, questioned and removed if they were anything but white.

If the recent march on Washington D.C. by the white nationalist group had been instead a group like the Black Panthers, or a group dominated by Asians or Hispanics – do you think they would have had an escort by the area law enforcement?

I grew up in the era of the Black Panthers, and I remember how quickly politicians began working on gun control legislation when the Black Panthers would show up armed and legally carrying weapons.

While it is not easy for me to admit it, but our country as a whole is still very racially biased in still way too many circumstances.

Was I ever fearful of my future as a white American, not really and that was because I was raised the right way and that meant that there is only one race and that is the human race.

I have a lifelong friend who is now an American citizen after coming to the United States to get away from the apartheid policies of South Africa, and he is greatly concerned about the direction our current administration is allowing society to turn in our great country today.

Allowing these groups to walk the hallways of political buildings and the streets or sidewalks of the residences of political administrators is nothing but intimidation tactics and should not ever be allowed in our country.

This is why the world around is either crying or laughing at the direction we are heading, and that direction is going backwards more years than I am old when anyone, but white America will not be given the same opportunities as others.

So, one more time, I am asking the question – What if these folks were not white? Would they still be allowed to use these same intimidation style tactics, or would they have been stifled by law enforcement and the white American establishment?

That my friends is, at least for today, where I use my box of crayons – I talk about the openly racist side of our country that is once again raising its ugly head and getting away with it. And I for one would like to change my drawing on this situation.

What does your box of crayons say about your thoughts of these situations which ultimately will make a difference in your life no matter where you live?

With that, I simply say thanx for letting me share – – – Good Day!

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