By Dale Dursens

When I was growing up several years ago (and yes I am talking the 1960-70’s), I had a family that encouraged me to be attentive to what was going on in the world, be hospitable to our neighbors and allies, be proper to all people no matter the color of their skin or their personal attractions, and I was attentive to those who were not our friends but more like maybe an enemy.

I grew up knowing that certain countries should not be trusted and the most untrustworthy among them was what was then called the Soviet Union, now known as Russia.

While I do not remember the exercises of ducking under a desk in case of a nuclear bomb drill, I do remember my parents watching the news intensely during the ‘Bay of Pigs’ skirmish with Cuba.

What I do remember hearing in civics classes is that we have a constitution that makes our democracy work, and it came complete with necessary checks and balances.

What I do not remember is any politician, let alone the man in the White House, every considering getting real buddy, buddy with anyone from the Soviet Union and most definitely – never meet with a representative from the Soviet Union without several others in the room for accountability. That alone counts as checks and balances.

Even during the days when our grand country began to work closer with the likes of Chernenko and Gorbachev, no politician let alone a sitting President would meet with them without enough people in the room to cover accountability.

I have no doubt in my mind from my reading of news reports and personal accounts, that over the past 75 years that the Soviet Union and/or Russia have been working within our boundaries with both foreign born spies or agents as well as what most would call turncoat citizens, to gather information and intelligence about anything and everything.

And I for one agree without a doubt with those who have certified that it was a Russian influence that helped tip the 2016 election in favor of the Republicans and our current President.

So when I see and hear that just recently, that our leader in the White House held a one-on-one meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister, alone and without any apparent ability to provide checks and balances, and with the intention (as perceived from members of the White House staff) to discuss election security and other issues – I see a problem.

Following a variety of reputable reports dealing with the personal business dealings of the leader in the White House, I for one see many reasons for distrusting his so called ‘want to build a relationship’ with Russia. Instead I see several reasons for the possibility of selling out for the sake of money and notoriety.

Our current leader in the White House came into his election to the position with many active business dealings with the Russians and these included not only several banks who apparently had or have fronted him millions of dollars, but also several individuals with very questionable ties to what many would refer to as ‘the mob’.

While the current leader in the White House has reneged on his promise to be transparent and deliver his tax returns (like any other reputable presidential candidate has since the 1970’s), it was well known and well publicized (again, if you are willing to read and reflect) that his financial reputation had already gone sour here in the United States and that most of lending, spending and bankrupting ventures were being financed by financial institutions outside the boundaries of the country he would soon begin to lead.

Getting back to the point of the moment, it is inconceivable to me that it would be alright with anybody to allow someone with the reputation of the Russian Ministry into the Oval Office without some proof that nothing shady was possible be discussed or being made.

While many very top members of his Republican party have acted as if it is no big deal, one should not be surprised as many of those members also have direct ties to Russia and some even have made decisions or had decisions made in their voting districts that scream of ‘something fishy’ going on. That alone is a topic for another discussion sometime soon.

Since he took the oath to be the leader in the White House, there have been several meetings with Russian leader Vladimir Putin himself, including a couple where nobody seems to have any verification as to what was discussed or decided. That my friends, literally scares the heck out of me as I see Putin as an individual who should never be trusted.

When you also listen to our leader in the White House constantly being belligerent to some of our most long-standing, trusted allies while at the same time constantly praising those in authoritarian leadership positions such as Putin or the little guy from North Korea – that my friends worries me about the future of our country and the livelihood of my adult children and grandchildren.

While I commend those time periods in the past 50 years where some of our politicians (and I am including two that I do not care for overall but did make a few nearly correct choices like Nixon and Reagan) have sown some peaceful ties of such with Russian leaders, Putin is not one do so with as he is a former KBG agent/leader who loves (like our leader in the White House) having control over his country and people while also making life sincerely rough for anyone that opposes his ideas or leadership.

So, whatever you may think went on in the Oval Office in his meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister – I for one do not have any trust in our leader in the White House for possible doing anything but making agreements that will only benefit himself and his family while putting the election security, the technology security and the future of our whole country closer to what I call a danger zone for the future.

Is Russia really a friend? No, and I will never think as much as long as Putin is in office due to the way he handles business.

Is Russia meddling in our country’s government? Yes, I do think they have something on the leader in the White House and until he becomes more transparent not much will probably change my mind.

What to do from here? I encourage all to take the time to really look at what is happening in Washington beyond the current contamination of impeachment coverage. Become aware of what we all are losing due to what the current administration is or is not doing in the background of daily events. Become informed as to how the events that are going on to affect you, your community and the future of the people in your world.

But for now, no – I do not trust the Russians and have very little trust with the current administration in Washington and over time I will hopefully be able to point some of these things out as I was Just Sayin’ as a ‘Voice from the Heart of America’.

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