My Box of Crayons – WIN WITH WIND!!

By Will Snesrud

Let’s ‘WIN WITH WIND!!’ as I call it. Let’s make a push for more wind energy and if we need any other reason beyond trying to save our earth, then let’s do it despite an administration in Washington that calls such a thing a dream.

Wind Turbines - 002

That’s right, our seemingly uneducated leader has once again begun his tirades of claiming to be the ‘best president ever for environmental issues’ while in the very next breath cheering on the idea of fossil fuels and drilling in some of the world’s most pristine environments like the Artic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

Continuing his dismissal of making use of nature’s renewable energy producers like wind power, that same uneducated leader continues to reference power generating wind turbines as nothing more than windmills and telling the media folks that he didn’t want to waste America’s tremendous energy wealth on dreams, before finishing up with comments like ‘besides, what happens when the wind stops?’ Like I reference, uneducated!!

Yes, I continue to harp on the issue of climate change and environmental issues because I have a very grave concern about the future we will be leaving for not only my adult children (who are now in their 40’s), but also my ten grandchildren and any upcoming great-grandchildren which I may be blessed with over the next ten to twenty years.

While in France this week attending the G-7 Summit, the president managed to leave his chair empty during the session devoted to climate change, biodiversity and oceans. His chair was notably empty as every other leader from the group of leading industrialized nations made it a point to attend and be active in the session.

Our president used the excuse of having meetings with the leaders of Germany and India which prevented scheduling conflicts during the session, an excuse and outright lie as the leaders from both those countries were seated at the table being involved in the important session dealing with the environmental and climate issues that are effecting the future of our living quarters that we call Earth.

Instead our president continues to pledge his support to reviving the coal industry while expanding offshore oil/gas drilling as well as opening public lands for onshore drilling.

The president has pushed for controversial and environmental disastrous pipeline projects while also pushing for massive deregulations giving the fossil fuel industry more opportunities to damage our lands and seas. He even made one of his first so called ‘wins’, the pulling our country out of the Paris Climate Agreement, making us one of the only industrialized nations not in the pact that worked toward reducing carbon emissions.

But to disregard the obvious environmental winning points from renewable wind energy, well that is nothing but painting our future a dark gray of failure for the future generations.

Let’s WIN WITH WIND ENERGERY!!  Wind Turbines - 007

Why number one, because wind power can be used to generate electricity to homes and other facilities without using fossil fuels that cause environmental issues.

Why number two, wind power comes from wind turbines which require less space and are extremely beneficial when it comes to generating electricity in remote areas, such as communities out in the countryside or up in the mountains. Typically, wind turbines of different sizes can be used to support extensive populations.

Why number three, wind turbines do not generate any radioactive waste or pollution compared to more conventional forms of energy, plus their construction has less impact on the surrounding environment – thus playing a very significant role in environment conservation.

Yes, I know I will have my friends who say they cause noise issues – but so do oil wells and unlike oil wells, you will not find a surrounding area of black ooze that permanently damages the environment.

Yes, I know I will have my friends who say the big wind turbines kill birds – but so do vehicles driving our extensive highway system and I guarantee the birds killed by all the wind turbines combined will be less than those killed by cars, trucks, trains and planes.

So here I am once again trying to do my part, like Greta, in pushing an environmental agenda that is close to my heart and soul.

So here I am once again being that quiet Christian who believes that my God, my higher power, commands us to be guardians and caretakers of this precious commodity we must live on – it’s called Earth!! My faith did not teach me to take, take and take without protecting and preserving for the future!!

Thus, once again I say – LET’S WIN WITH WIND – as I hold my hat on tight due to that constant renewable thing of nature that we call wind!!

That my friend is, for today at least, my box of crayons talking about the colors of life and the world around us. What does your box of crayons say about your life and the daily adventures and risks you are willing to travel?

With that, I simply say thanx for letting me share – – – Good Day!

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