My Box of Crayons – LET’S BE LIKE GRETA!!

By Will Snesrud

Somewhere along the way in the past couple of years our current political leaders and presidential administration have forgotten the number one rule of life – take care of this gift of survival that we call earth!!

Even a young 16-year old Swedish girl, Greta Thunberg, has taken on the establishment and is skipping school classes in order to protest and give speech’s in an effort to color the world in Red for alarming danger, as she works at shaming the world into addressing climate change.

Greta knows the consequences if we don’t take the bull by the horns now and start working at reversing the already nearly unstoppable damage, we as humans have caused.

Greta knows the future of her generation and the generations after her can and already are in jeopardy due to the slow move toward fixing the damage already done.

Greta knows and understands that Earth itself is a gift and as the supreme specie on it, it is our job to protect it and heal it when it has issues.

Greta knows that to continue the path we are on of using and abusing the Earth and all that if offers for survival – that survival may not be in our future.


Yes, I am on a rant again about the environment, but the current politicians and administration in Washington are not giving me any choice but to do so.

I have health issues, some of which are brought on by environmental things such as the bellowing smoke from coal plants or the noxious odors thrown into the air by a variety of manufacturing businesses ranging from plastic to chemical works.

It truly rips me to the core when I see or hear that the current administration is rolling back another regulation set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)!!

Currently the leaders running the EPA and hand picked by the current administration, are changing the mission from protecting human health and the environment to PROTECTING THE INDUSTRIES!! And that is quoted on the internet site The Conversation directly from EPA staff members who overwhelmingly agree that the administration has been steering the agency to the verge of what scholars are calling a ‘regulatory capture’.

Do you know what color a ‘regulatory capture’ is – it is the color of disdain for human health and nothing but the color of common greed!!

Regulatory capture is when an agency’s actions are ‘directed away from the public interest and toward the interest of the regulated industry by intent and action of industries and their allies’.

Regulatory capture simply means reorganizing the EPA so that it promotes the interests of regulated industries, all at the expense and livelihood of its official mission which is to ‘protect human health and environment’.

In layman terms, regulatory capture means ‘the farmer doesn’t just tolerate foxes lurking around the hen house – he recruits them to guard it’!!!

National Geographic wrote as recently as May of 2019 that the current administration is performing actions which roll back Obama-era policies that were aimed at curbing climate change and limit environmental pollution, while others threaten to limit federal funding for science and the environment. Among the roll backs have been protections regarding offshore drilling safety and water supply safety.

The current administration is currently trying to paint our countryside once again with that puck green color that comes from nasty and deadly insecticides whose full intent is to kill off insects and bees with the hopes of not damaging the humans that also may be around the spraying of them.

Once such herbicide is Round-Up and its been linked to a deadly disease for humans.

What gets my blood churning here is that some of these sprays and the ingredients in them have been banned from most countries in the world – but not us because of what I call stupidity and greed.

The bee for some reason seems to be a real pain in the side of these herbicide companies, yet they don’t discuss the fact that without having the bees for pollinating, our crops and many natural beauties around us would fall flat and some would just go away.

If you are one that believes in God or a Higher Power/Being, that you know that all creatures and plants on this earth were put here for a reason and again, as the highest performing specie among them it is our job to protect them all!!  Not just those that are convenient, but ALL OF THEM!!

Remember the bees are as important to our future as we are. The future is only important if you have heart, faith, love and hope, but not greed.

The future for not only the next generation, but the generations beyond them, are at stake here and WE MUST BE LIKE GRETA and TAKE ACTION and TAKE IT NOW!!

That my friend is, for today at least, my box of crayons talking about the colors of life and the world around us. What does your box of crayons say about your life and the daily adventures and risks you are willing to travel?

With that, I simply say thanx for letting me share – – – Good Day!

(My Box of Crayons is copyrighted@2019 by CrossDove Writers – no part of this writing can be reprinted or used without written permission by CrossDove Writers and/or Will Snesrud.)