By Will Snesrud

When Kansas Senator Pat Roberts announced he was retiring after more than a couple of years too long of serving in Washington, many were curious as to who would step up to the plate and put their names in the hat to replace him.

One name that did step up to the plate very recently was Kris Kobach, former Kansas Secretary of State and twice a loser in running for office – once for a congressional district post and then in 2017 when attempting to gain the Governorship of the state.

I have lived in the heart of both Kansas and the United States now for going on 40 years, and not too many folks can ever claim to get as quick a reaction and evaluation of their integrity and honor as I did with Kris Kobach. And trust me, it was not an evaluation of admiration, but a fear that someone like him would set back the time clock in so many ways for not only the people of Kansas but those of the United States as well.

Now that he has announced his attempt to run for the Republican nomination for Senator Roberts soon to be vacant seat, I knew it was time to put myself out there and share my thoughts about a man for whom I would not trust any further than I could throw him.

Let’s start with his bigoted attitude toward those who do not match his view of life and love, and we are talking about the LGBT community. Kobach openly states unequivocally that he will never do anything to protect the rights of LGBT workers!! That also says to me that he will not protect their human rights to love, marry and carry on in life like any other individual or couple should be able to do. UNACCEPTABLE!!

I know the stress put on families with LGBT members as I have two cousins who are now no longer referred to as they were when they were born and yet they are just as human, just as caring, just as loving and just as much family to me as anyone else. So yes, I can and will get my dander up about this stuff, even when I as a person do not necessarily understand it – they are human too and that is enough for me.

On gun control, Kobach would feed off the NRA and has openly referenced to be in favor of not restricting magazine capacities or AR-style rifles while also opposing ‘no fly’ lists to keep people for having access to guns if they have mental problems or have been charged with assault and violent type crimes. UNACCEPTABLE!!

Other issues for which Kobach would not be right for Kansas or America would come with his failure to support the uses of medical marijuana or CBD oils, his failure to restrict tax money from being used toward private and religious schools, plus he favors and supports allowing oil and gas companies to explore and drill within our protected National Parks including the critical Arctic National Wildlife Refuge!! UNACCEPTABLE!!

Then we have the Kobach stance on immigration!!

According to a statement made during interviews after announcing he would be running for the Senate opening, Kobach referenced that the ‘asylum seekers were too vague in their reasons why they were seeking asylum in the United States, including comments about the violence in their communities’.

Kobach went on to state that just because you may have an extraordinary amount of violence in your neighborhood or community it does not qualify as a reason to seek asylum.

Wonder when was the last time Kobach ever tried to be the Christian he claims he is and offered to walk in the shoes those immigrants have walked in. Maybe before Kobach type of thinkers pass judgement and laws regarding these immigrants, they should be required to travel down to the neighborhoods and communities these immigrants are from and see how well they survive for a month or even a week or just a day.

Kobach has also touted his role in crafting immigration laws throughout the country which encourages racial profiling and would legally require law enforcement officers to determine a suspect’s immigration status when even the slightest suspicion is there that that an individual was in the country illegally. Yet despite these types of obvious attitudes, Kobach rejects any and all accusations that he is racially biased or bigoted.

On immigration, the Kobach stance is once again – VERY UNACCEPTABLE!!

We have all these points presented to us to evaluate and yet we haven’t even dipped into the Kobach legal issues regarding the election process and number of cases of election fraud that he claimed but was never able to prove.

There was a reason Kobach lost two previous elections and for the sake of those who live in Kansas and the United States – please do not let this man of ugly attitudes toward so many and his lack of empathy toward anyone not within his set of standards of living, become the standard for the political process.

Unless he is willing prove his Christian faith toward others by offering to walk in those shoes of immigrants and the less fortunate or disabled, and as long as he continues to be arrogant and spiteful toward so many – than know that a Kansas nightmare would be to have Kobach representing them in Washington, and that would be UNACCEPTABLE!!

That my friend is, for today at least, my box of crayons talking about life and the world around us. What does your box of crayons say about your life and the daily adventures you are willing to travel.

With that, I simply say thanx for letting me share – – – Good Day!

(My Box of Crayons is copyrighted@2019 by CrossDove Writers – no part of this writing can be reprinted or used without written permission by CrossDove Writers and/or Will Snesrud.)