By Will Dursens

When you think of someone getting angry or upset, what colors do you think of?

Me, I think of bright red or bright orange. Not sure why exactly, but those are the colors I choose for today because I am just a bit upset to the point of almost getting angry.

Why would I have any reason to be on the tip between being upset or being angry? It comes from listening, reading or seeing people who do not seem to understand the differences, if any, between being either Pro-Life or Pro-Choice except for when it comes to that one word – abortion.

Oh yes, the abortion issue. It seems that some friends and family have been upset with me lately for posting items or news clips referencing Pro-Choice materials that may have or did include points directed at the issue of abortion.

Let me clarify something, just because someone mentions they are Pro-Choice does not mean they are for any and all access to abortions necessarily. Truthfully, most of those Pro-Choice folks that I know or are aware of, are exactly that – they are for the right of individuals, in particular women, to make their own choices and what they do or do not do with their bodies – but not necessarily for outright abortions anytime, anywhere.

I for one, do not support a blanket abortion policy in which folks can or will get an abortion for any old reason. What I do support is the idea that it is not my choice to begin with and under some circumstances the choice of an abortion may be a reasonable choice when it comes to incest or rape of any kind, especially when it involves a woman under the age of 14 or 15 in which carrying a full pregnancy may damage their functionality to have children in the future due to their bodies not being fully developed at the time of the rape and pregnancy.

Another of one of those dumb comments or responses to this issue of controlling a women’s womb came when I heard or read that some political folks (men of course because they have no clue) even said that when a woman has an tubular pregnancy the doctors should simply remove the embryo from the fallopian tube and place it back into the woman’s uterus – WHAT!!

Let me share a true story about that idea, a woman very dear to my heart nearly bled to death due to a tubular pregnancy that was more than six to eight weeks along. The damage done to her system and to the embryo was such that you could not have possibly attempted (a medical procedure which we found to be pretty much not possible anyway) to put the embryo back into her uterus and have a chance of either the embryo or both to survive. According to some of the new ‘abortion’ laws put into place recently, both the doctor fixing that situation and the lady involved could possibly face prison time for such actions. Now tell me how you could possible not think that it lacks much if any common sense.

As for the Pro-Life bit, I am waiting on all those wanting to give an early stage embryo human rights, to have answers for those needs of the newborns that come into the world due to incest, rape or under horrible living conditions. What are the answers being offered from the conservative, right-wing, abortion folks for those newborns that end up in foster care?

Recently I read that a man who raped a young 12-year old, went to prison and was released, and now was given joint custody of the child. Seriously – I have a problem with that.

For those Pro-Life folks who seem so gung ho on controlling a woman’s right to making her own choices about her body – how about we do the same for men and if they have that erectile dysfunction thing, maybe outlaw their availability to get Viagra or better yet if someone rapes a woman of any age and under any circumstance, make sure the rapist is liable for any and all costs of the pregnancy and birth of the child if the woman is required to keep it without choice.

So, to sum this up – I AM PRO-LIFE/CHOICE because of the following thoughts, ideas and beliefs:

  • No man should tell a woman what they can or should do with their bodies unless they are willing to allow women to do the same to them. The good Lord gave us the mind to make choices and even Jesus never forced anyone to make a choice, he just gave them guidance that was filled with common sense and love.
  • You can not tell me you are Pro-Life when you do not support the right for all individuals beyond birth to have access to a livable wage, proper health and mental care, help for those times of struggle and safety from the violence of guns and alcohol.
  • You can not tell me you are Pro-Life if you support an education that favors a few and puts outlandish financial burdens on nearly all that would like to attend college.
  • You can not tell me you are Pro-Life when you show obvious selfishness and distaste for those who do not look like you, do not believe like you, do not work like you and do not talk like you.
  • You can not tell me you are Pro-Life when you support those who swindle others and support the powers of war, conflict and bullying.
  • You can be Pro-Choice and Pro-Life at the same time if you are a true Christian who follows the works of Jesus Christ.

Then we have those who are preaching the bible and their version of what it says about choices, abortion and when life begins. Another reason why I am Pro-Choice because one thing I am sure of is that God gave us humans the process to think things out and make choices.

To me this means that yes, there will be various interpretations of the scriptures from the bible, just as there are different interpretations and usage of scriptures from the Quran or from the Torah, which is where we get the differences between the extremists and the non-extremists of any faith or religion – it all comes down to choices.

The one true choice that is available is no matter what faith or religion you choose to follow – the common thread among them all is the works to love and have compassion for others to the point of taking care of your brothers and sisters of the world, no matter their beliefs or convictions. Therefore, you have Muslims surrounding Jewish synagogues with offers of protection after being terrorized by extremists.

So maybe this will clarify to some and bring more questions from others and I will accept that.

One thing I can say – from today on I want to refer to myself as Pro-Life/Choice!!

That my friend is, for today at least, my box of crayons talking about life and the world around us. Looking forward to helping you decide what your box of crayons says about your life and daily adventures you take.

With that, I simply say thanx – from Will.

(My Box of Crayons is copyrighted@2019 by CrossDove Writers – no part of this writing can be reprinted or used without written permission by CrossDove Writers and/or Will Dursens.)