By Frosty Lou with help from Will Dursens  PawPrint--002

So, after many months of be so good about doing my business outside, for whatever reasons it was on Sunday morning – I was not a good little puppy at all!!

Not just once, twice, but three times had an accident inside the house and according to Yia Yia’s reaction, it was a hit on all three counts – just not the kind of hit you want to have.

Sometimes I forget how upset Yia can get at me, especially when one of the accidents was kind of a messy one and another was just plain wet.

After being banned to the backyard for a little bit, which for me was okay because I love to lay in the yard while watching and listening to all my friends in the neighborhood that Papa refers to as birds.

Now I did have a fourth incident inside the house, but since nobody found it for a while and when they did, well Papa seemed to find it hard to get mad at me because I did my number two on that funny looking, funny feeling thing he calls a tinkle turf!!

Now Yia Yia did not know it was there because she, my cousin Colton and I were in the car taking Colton home when Papa called and at first just told Yia Yia that I had another accident. While Yia Yia was about ready to get upset again, I heard Papa on the phone tell her about it being on the tinkly turf and like magic it seemed to be much better. Guess I best use that tinkle turf again sometime when I am still at home so I can see if they really do like me to do my stuff there.

When Yia Yia and I came home, Papa was gone to see my dog cousins Zoe and Thena, so it was just Yia Yia and I for a while, but I sure was excited when Papa came home finally, and we were back being a family.  I don’t like it much when we are not altogether.

When Papa put me to bed on Sunday, he whispered to me that Monday was going to be special, and special it was.

Since I recently got into some kind of sticky something, my hair around my ears had become matted together and no matter how much my family tried to pull it a part, I squirmed too much for them to get it done because it hurt.

So, when Monday came, the special was that Papa was taking me for a ride, and I love riding in the car with Papa, to take me to the groomer.

The groomer is a good thing, though they noticed I did not do a very good job of sitting still. At the groomer I not only got my hair cut, but they clipped my nails and gave me a warm and fuzzy bath. I must say, I felt almost like a new puppy.

While I am not too sure about this little scarf-thing they always put around my neck after spending a few hours with the groomer, everyone seems to think it makes me look even cuter than I already know I am, so the scarf is a good thing.

As the weather gets nicer and the days get longer, I am sure I will be store for some new adventures in the weeks to come.

With that, I guess that may be all I have for now, so until next time when I have a few more barks of life to share – Happy Barking to all from Frosty Lou!!


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