My Box of Crayons – COLOR OF A CHILD’S ANGER

By Will Dursens

It seems that as much as the folks in the White House refuse to acknowledge it, children throughout the world are showing their colors of anger, fear and discontent for those refusing to see the upcoming major crisis we are facing due to the environmental and climate changes.

This past Friday, young teens around the world from more than 100 countries took a stand and walked out of school as a sign of protest with the way the so-called adults in charge were just ignoring, side-stepping or tip toeing about any dealings with their future and the affects that climate and environment have on it. ClimateChangeProtest-2

Inspired by 16-year old Swedish activist Gretta Thunberg, the coordinated ‘school strikes’ came from a year long showing by Thunberg of solitary demonstrations outside the Swedish parliament.

Why shouldn’t the future generation be red in anger considering how much many countries have been catering to the fossil fuel industries while just tossing out tidbits to the renewable energy fans to keep them seemingly satisfied.

Why shouldn’t the future generation be red in anger when they realize that the adults running the show have so fallen in love with money that they have ignored the signs of tomorrow and the very scary effects that just a few degrees in change of world temperature can and will bring about climatic changes in weather. Changes that can and will affect how we raise crops for food and in many places just live.

Why do these kids get it and the adults who should be caring for them do not? Ignorance, arrogance and love of the way they have had things since they were just kids. Problem is the way the adults have had things have come with a cost and the cost is showing its very ugly head throughout the world.

Yet during these very sensible protests, many adults in charge were laughing at the idea of climate change and environmental disasters – why is this?

I color my feelings about all this in maybe a lime-green, a color for anxiety as I have nine very wonderful, intelligent grandkids that I fear the future for. I fear the changes in weather that will bring about windier, hotter, dryer summers filled with major storms like hurricanes and tornadoes – while the winters will be colder, windier and snowier.

I foresee the future environmental changes that will be brought on by the roll-back attitude of the current adult leaders in the White House in which they claim it’s once again okay to dump coal ash into our clear creeks, rivers and drinking water, let out more toxic smoke and vapors into the air we breathe, and all the while making it more difficult to make use of renewable energy like wind and solar.

If I were a teen today, with the attitude I had in the days I was a teen – I would’ve been front and center of the activist movement. I would’ve been front and center in planning the school walk outs, the protests in the streets and the walking of the halls of government at any and all levels in an effort to bring about change to save not only our environment, but the future of the next generations before we destroy the thing that sustains us all, earth!!

My attitude is also skewed more than others due to the fact that my life literally depends on the quality of air that I can breathe as I have a major lung condition that can be triggered by even the slightest change in weather or barometric pressure. My lungs, due to severe asthma, have been an issue since childhood and I for one in the past twenty-years have much appreciated the restrictions and controls that were put on caustic vapors or smoke released into the air by the chemical or industrial complexes.

To see the roll-back policies of the current leadership here in the United States puts fear and anger into my days.

Fear of the renewed challenge that may lay ahead for people to breathe without having issues or wearing masks to filter the air they are breathing.

Anger because we are letting down the future generations. We seem to be aspiring to leave them a major mess instead of working to make their livelihood better.

Anger because many of those not thinking of the future and the generations to come are the ones who preach the gospel of ‘It’s God’s will’, instead of taking seriously one of the first commands from the Christian book called the bible – that of being the stewards of the gift the God gave us for survival and that gift is what we call earth!!

You may call it ‘Gods will’, but that same God gave us the will of choice and too many of us our ignoring the choice of God’s true will which is take care of the world around us instead of picking it apart without a plan to fix it.

I praise all those of the next generation that took the time and the made the choice to take a stand on their future concerning the environment and climate change – PLEASE DO NOT STOP – hopefully some of the adults in charge will start to listen before it’s too late.

That my friend is, for today at least, my box of crayons talking about life and the world around us. Looking forward to helping you decide what your box of crayons says about your life and daily adventures you take.

With that, I simply say thanx – from Will.

(My Box of Crayons is copyrighted@2019 by CrossDove Writers – no part of this writing can be reprinted or used without written permission by CrossDove Writers and/or Will Dursens.)