By Frosty Lou with help from Will Dursens

PawPrint--002  Life as a puppy has its rewards like lots of loving from my family, enjoying a lot of slack being given when I ‘innocently’ do something that may be wrong and always getting new toys and snacks to try.

But life as a puppy also has its moments which just do not seem to be much fun at all.

For instance, since I am now one-year old I was required to go see the vet for a check-up, though it was mainly for something about heartworms and stuff like that. While I was cheered for the fact that I weigh a healthy eight pounds, eight ounces, I also had to give in to a traumatic experience.

When I saw that helper get what appeared to be a sharp, pointed object out of that drawer, I jumped up in Yia Yia’s arms because I recognized that from a visit a while back when they poked me not just once, but twice for what they were calling immunization shots. It was not a pleasant experience and I was not wanting to go through that again.

Then the older guy with not much hair on his head came in and I knew that might not be good. Then he asked Papa to hold me tight around my neck so I wouldn’t flinch and to my surprise, Papa complied.

I just looked at Papa in near disbelief that he was helping this guy come after me with that sharp, pointed thing. But Papa kept whispering in my ear that it was all going to be alright, that the vet was only wanting to check my blood to make sure I was staying healthy.

Kind words for him to say, he wasn’t the one they were tying a little rope around the leg and puncturing with a sharp, pointed thing into. And that is just what they did, that little black rope was tighter than anything I had ever gotten my legs caught up in and darn, it hurt. But that sharp, pointed thing, when the guy poked it into my leg, I wanted to bark but Papa was holding my head steady which kept my mouth shut so all I came up with was a little puppy squeal.

Of course, it was over with in a second, though to me it seemed like torture for several minutes.

As the guy got done poking my leg and releasing the tied rope around my leg, my Papa was still whispering kind words of encouragement and love, all of which I sure did need at those moments.

Papa’s kind words and constant kisses on the forehead were well rewarded with a hug and kisses when the trauma was over. I sure am glad my Papa loves me and helped me understand why the poke had to be done, otherwise I may have had to take a nip at the man I call family.

But soon we were heading out the door for one of my favorite adventures, riding in Papa’s car, while getting a treat from the jar the vet keeps on his counter by the door. Personally, I think it’s called sucking back up to the family pet they may have just traumatized.

When we got back to the house, Papa and Yia Yia went into one of those overwhelming shows of love and appreciation for claiming I did so good at the vet, followed by some serious dog treats. Again, I think it was all due to the guilt they felt for forcing me in having to go through the event. But then again, I never turn down love, attention and treats from my family.

Did I mention that the outside stuff has changed for the better as the white stuff my family calls snow is gone, some of the grass is drying out and turning a nice color of green, and the best thing that is happening – the sun is coming out and I for one love to just lay in the grass and soak up some sun.

Quick question to all my fellow family pets – how do you put up with those sometimes traumatic trips to the vet?

Guess that may be all I have for now, so until next time when I have a few more barks of life to share – Happy Barking to all from Frosty Lou!!


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