By Will Dursens

My Box of Crayons – WINNING YET?

Remember the emphasis our current president put on the word winning and making America great again? So, what the heck happened!!

America was already great, despite the pot holes we must dodge not only in our infrastructure but in civil rights, health rights, education rights and more.

America is not perfect, but from my vantage point – it is already great.

Making America great according to the current administration is really meaning – making America white again. But then, America never was totally white.

My bigger concern is the emphasis on the winning, as winning is not the end to everything, many times it is the road trip to get there that is much more important than the winning.

Plus, how do you judge winning when it comes from a person who is best known for building big buildings then doing whatever he can to bilk contractors out of their money.

How do you judge winning when it comes from a person who is best known for using debt to build buildings and power before going bankrupt and leaving hundreds or maybe even thousands hanging out to dry?

Winning!! How can we be winning when so many things are on the brink of disaster despite the administration constantly preaching that all is alright.

How can it be considered winning when you consume the true knowledge of the following few areas which the administration is claiming wins, when in truth we could be heading for disaster.

Remember the famous words – ‘I think he is a great leader and I take his word’ which our president noted after his most recent meeting with the leader of North Korea.

Winning is not the word you use for being lied to about your nuclear and missile intentions, plus human rights standards.

North Korea basically tortured to death one of America’s young men and the leader claimed he knew nothing – our president believed him.

North Korea continues to enrich uranium toward the goal of having nuclear weapons – our president simply said their leader says they are not.

North Korea has, according to reliable intelligence, begun to rebuild their inter-continental missile sites – our president claims he would be disappointed in their leader if they did.

Remember the words – ‘nobody knows business as well as I do, and I assure you I will erase the national debt and trade deficits within a couple of years’!!

Winning is not the word most would use when our trade deficit reaches a 10-year high.

Winning is not the word most would use while our national debt balloons to over $23-trillion, a 10-percent increase in just two years!!

Like with the economy, due to the administration’s economic ideas our economy is only looking good on paper and is getting dangerously close to collapsing and sending our great country into another recession, one that many indicators and economic leaders claim will be much, much worse than the one which we had during the Bush # 2 leadership.

Making America great is what was preached but not practiced by the current president and administration, and sooner than later the greatness this administration promised will soon be a figment of the imagination.

With the leader of North Korea waltzing around like the new BFF (best friend forever) of our president while at the same time continuing his path of missile build ups with the idea of destroying America – tell me how that is winning?

With the trade deficit exploding while the president claims his tariffs and bullying of our trade partners is the proper way to go – tell me how that is winning?

With the national debt passing a point that even my grandkids will still be paying for it – tell me how that is winning?

In fact, when it comes to the relationship with the nasty dictator of North Korea and our paper-thin economy – tell me how any of it can possible feel like we are winning?

That my friend is, for today at least, my box of crayons talking about life and the world around us. Looking forward to helping you decide what your box of crayons says about your life and daily adventures you take.

With that, I simply say thanx – from Will.

(My Box of Crayons is copyrighted@2019 by CrossDove Writers – no part of this writing can be reprinted or used without written permission by CrossDove Writers and/or Will Dursens.)