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Many times, writers can find themselves in need of an idea or prompt to help kickstart their mind and get the next writing adventure rolling.

We at CrossDove Writers have set up what we call the ‘WRITING IDEA CHALLENGE’ – a four-part set of idea prompts intended to help the writer feel stimulated enough to flourish with a new idea.

The four-set idea challenge is set to give the writer an article, story or poem from a journal/memoir entry question, a 200-500 word challenge, a sentence to finish challenge and a word prompt challenge.

Good luck, good thoughts and good writing.

Let the stimulation begin:

  1. The Journal/Memoir Entry Question is:
  • Any special circumstances or events happening in or around the day you were born?


  1. The 200-500 Word Challenge is:
  • Write a 200-500 word article, story or poem that highlights or emphasizes the words ‘HEAT’ and ‘WEATHER’.


  1. The Finish the Sentence Challenge is:
  • ‘It is so hot outside my _______________ did nothing but _______________.’


  1. The Word Challenge is:
  • Build a story, article or poem around the word ‘METATHESIOPHOBIA’.

As always – we hope the idea challenge will help get your mind running toward a new and refreshing finish line of a story, article or poetic writing.

Relax and let the mind flow, the fingers moving and the writing begin!!

CrossDove Writers

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