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For many writers there can be a need or a plan to grab an idea or prompt to help kickstart the mind and get a story working its way through the fingers and either onto a keyboard or paper where it begins a story.

We here at CrossDove Writers try and throw a four-part game plan idea or prompts at you to hopefully stimulate the mind and get the writing to begin and flourish.

Hoping you will find our not always the same pattern of ‘writing ideas/prompts’ as a challenge to the mind and imagination.

The four-part set of ideas or prompts will include a journal entry question, a 200-word challenge of the day, a sentence to finish and a word to build a story around.

Good luck, good thoughts and good writing.

Let the stimulation begin.

1 – The Journal Entry Question is:

  • Tell us if you ever had a hero, share with us the who and why they were your hero.

2 – The 200-word Challenge is:

  • Write a short article, story or poem using 200 words and emphasizing the words ‘winning’ and ‘losing’.

3 – The short story sentence for today is:

  • “When I win, I like to win by ____________________________.”

4 – The word for today is:

  • Victorious

As always, we hope the ideas/prompts will help get your mind running toward a new and refreshing finish line of story, article or poetry writing.

Relax and let the mind flow, the fingers move and the writing begin!

CrossDove Writers

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