By Will Dursens

Somewhere I once saw a note that said ‘Life is About Using the Whole Box of Crayons’!

This is my ‘BOX OF CRAYONS’!

The ‘missing colors’ I refer to are those tidbits found missing in action during the recent State of the Union talk from our president.

‘Missing Colors’ such as guns and gun violence, the environment, public schools and climate change – all four items which to many, including myself should have much more importance on the future of this country than spending an atrocious amount of money on a wall so the current president can brag on himself more than he already does while spending more of our hard earned tax dollars on a monument to himself. Remember, this is a man who really has no touch or clue with the daily world of living for normal, middle or lower class person America.

Sure, some may say I was wrong because the president spoke about the mass shooting at the Jewish Temple, but I am not wrong because he used that for another cover of his ideas.

I am talking about the ugly color of a true gun problem in our country, the one that enables people to get guns that have no business owning or using one. I am talking about the stonewall from the republican lead senate to work on ‘common sense’ gun legislation that would require thorough background checks on ALL gun purchases, including the ones at gun shows, over he internet or by private individuals – yes even family members or friends.

At a current on-going hearing to discuss ‘common sense’ gun regulations, a republican house member tried to use it to highjack the hearing by presenting the idea that the real solution would be the ‘border wall’ along the southern border – an idea that is truly as stupid as it sounded when he presented it.

We in this country have an unbalanced love of guns to go along with an unbalanced love of gun freedoms – all of which is good for another ‘box of crayons’ color commentary.

So yes, the president should have talked about the gun violence in our country – especially the growing number of mass shootings which almost every time has been done by home born and grown gun holders and not ‘illegal’ immigrants.

Public schools were not mentioned once that I recall, though I did slip out during the talk a couple of times because getting a refill of water was more important than hearing a full 90-minutes of hot air blowing. Public schools are in trouble because the current administration and the non-education minded leaders are purposely trying to belittle and destroy them for the good of private, biased schools which will most likely encourage an even more decisive and fear mongering future generation of adults.

The bright colors of learning, stimulation, thinking and building for the future that most of us received from public education is being erased and dimmed to just a flicker of what was, simply for the color of green that paves the road for most private and parochial schools.

And the environment or climate change, zero talk or mention of it, which is not okay as climate change and the environment is what is lingering as the most probable cause of the fall of the human species and their way of life.

The idea that the current administration continues to tear down, piece by piece, any and all environmental regulations is very unacceptable and will do nothing but cause more irreversible harm on the futures for people, animals, plants and our gift of earth itself.

It disgusts and annoys me when church going, bible thumping leaders and followers claim the earth is here for our taking and survival, when in truth for those who actually do read and/or study the bible only have to look at verses such as Genesis 1:26-30 and Isiah 24:4-6 to see that God entrusted us to take care of the gift we call earth for our survival, not to use it to our own means and selfishness.

For me it is easy to understand that the sun, wind and water is nearly always all we need to give us the ways for powering our homes and necessary appliances to live with. There is a reason why they are called renewal energy as they continue to give each and every day and have been doing so for the entire life of earth, while eventually the taking, taking, taking of energy materials found within the planet such as coal or natural gas, at the rate we are – someday soon we will cause us to run out or more likely, will in its process to become usable energy, cause problems for the air we breath or the atmosphere that protects us. Maybe there is a reason this thing we call coal is buried within the earth itself.

Did you ask me that question of – did you find anything the president talked about in the state of the union as being positive and useful for our future? If you did I would for now just say that the state of the trump union left me with colors from my box of crayons which are not the bright and brilliant ones for which I have found so many times before and have aspirations to color with again.

That my friend is, for today at least, my box of crayons talking about life and the world around us.

Looking forward to taking more adventures with all those who may think my life box of crayons are important enough to see and hear.

With that, I simply say thanx – from Will.

(My Box of Crayons is copyrighted@2019 by CrossDove Writers – no part of this writing can be reprinted or used without written permission by CrossDove Writers and/or Will Dursens.)