A story by Will Dursens


Growing up with fairy tales and wonder, with tea cups that talked and mirrors with attitudes, I also understood the difference between fairy tales, fantasy and real life itself. Or at least I thought I did.

Recently I encountered an early morning moment where my conscious and that true spirit of faith, hope and love that lies within me came together to have a chat with me in one of my daily mirror appearances, so taken back by that experience I began to wonder what such an experience would be like for others in the world of today.

Mirror, Mirror Talking on the Wall, with the Donald!!

Bouncing into the gold-plated bathroom that he cherished so much, the Donald began to prepare for the reality of his day after already spending a time of expounding his words full of spit and vinegar on that wonderful world of technology called Twitter.

As he looked up to thrive in the beauty that he calls himself, the face in the mirror did not seem to have the same in-love-with-myself smile on his face as the Donald does every morning.

As the Donald turned around to rub his eyes, thinking maybe he wasn’t as awake as he thought he was, there came a voice – a voice much like his own only sounding like a voice with more reason and clarity.

“Seriously, you think a smile should be on that face after what you just splattered on that technology called Twitter?” noted the voice from behind the Donald and within the mirror.

Turning around fast enough to make his comb over flapping to stay caught up, the Donald snared at the mirror, grumbling, “What the hell did I just hear? What is going on here, is this some kind of cruel joke being played on me by the fake news and that idiot Brennan?”

“Wow, you even have an attitude first thing in the morning, how do you live with that?” noted the voice from the mirror. “Has it ever occurred to you to wake up remembering any blessings you have in life instead of throwing verbal daggers at those who may have stepped on your overly sensitive toes?”

“What, you’re an idiot, don’t have any idea of what you are talking about,” replied the Donald, now building a major bit of irritation on his orangish colored face. “How would you have any idea of what I should or should not be feeling good about and what business is it of yours to talk crap about what I twitter?”

Shaking his head gently back and forth in an obvious appearance of disbelief, the Donald of the mirror calmly voiced back, “You really have lost touch with reality haven’t you. So much so that you can’t even recognize yourself in a mirror. Granted it is you, only it is the Donald with a conscious and much more reason. So, tell me how you will respond with your own conscious and reason giving you a piece of your own mind in the morning – how are you going to twitter that?”

Visibly shaken a little by the realization that the face in the mirror, his own face complete with his properly placed comb over and just the right amount of orange tint, the Donald snorted back, “How dare you turn on me, how dare you tell me that I have a conscious and a sense of reason. You know I will make ‘America Great Again’ just by pushing my way around, dumping on those who want to take advantage of our great country and making niceness to those who rule with an iron-hand in their own countries.”

Trying to throw some reason into the conversation, the Donald of the mirror broke into a sad looking smile of sorts before responding, “Seriously, you think making America great again will be done by hanging out to dry all of those who have helped make the country the grand place it is. You think throwing the environment to the wind will leave the world in a safer and livable place for your grandkids or even great-grandkids. You think running this grand country with an iron-fist will work, when it goes against all that a democracy is and has been for going on 242 years. Seriously Donald James, even me, your conscious and reason was not that aware of just how ignorant and disconcerting you have become over the years.”

“I am known for great things,” came back the Donald. “My buildings are the grandest, my golf courses are the best money can buy, my businesses have always made me money – I am a true American success story because I started out with nothing and became one of the richest and most powerful business people in the world.”

“Oh please, don’t make me laugh,” said the Donald of the mirror as he worked hard at not breaking into laughter. “Money, money, money – is that all you think about. Is that all you think makes you rich, is to be financially successful no matter what. You really think your so-called power in the world comes from your success or does it come from your stupidity and ignorance, with those making you feel rich giggling all the way home after they leave you and your silly tantrums and bullying attitude.”

Now looking like someone about to blow a gasket, the Donald reaches for his phone, pulling up his twitter account so he could readily begin a rampage on the reality of his own conscious and reason standing up to his ignorance and thin skin.

“Oh come on Donald, you’re going to twitter this conversation to the masses,” laughed the Donald of the mirror. “How are you going to cover a conversation with yourself, explain that one not only to me, but to those so-called billions of followers you claim to have.”

“They believe in everything I say and do,” snapped back the Donald. “No matter what I say, what I do, how I say it or how I do it – they believe in me because I am like a king, I am their leader with no questions asked.”

Changing from laughter to a beginning look of gloom, the Donald of the mirror calmly took a deep breath before responding, “Hmm, hmm, hmm – Donald James you should be ashamed of yourself for looking upon yourself as a king, instead of trying to be a true leader. A true leader would’ve found a way to serve his country instead of whining about bone spurs to the right people. A true leader would not have left so many people hanging out to dry after you leveraged so many businesses with debt, then declaring bankruptcy so you could walk away free of obligations and many greenbacks in your wallet. A true leader would not go wasting his taxpaying citizens money every weekend on a golf game which in all honestly you are not very good at, but you go and play because of the financial windfall that it puts in your wallet. Shall I continue?”

Disgusted, the Donald throws his phone through the doorway and onto the bed in the other room, before stomping out like a five-year old who just had his favorite toy taken away because he was being punished for doing something wrong.

After stomping around in the main bedroom for several minutes, the Donald returned to the mirror, “Damn, you’re still here or do I have the real Donald looking back at me now?”

“Yes, I am still here and whether you like it or not, I am the real Donald here in the mirror,” calmly replied the Donald of the mirror. “Contrary to what you have any possible experience at, I am the Donald that is deep down inside, just like I am with anyone in the world – I am the spirit of Donald that was meant to be, a spirit full of conscious, reason, faith, hope, reality and even true love for others regardless of their place in society.”

Being defiant as most would be expecting, the Donald became furious, “You are me, then how the hell could you possible have any reason or feelings except for money and power?”

Remaining calm, the Donald of the mirror noted, “Like I said, I am the you that is deeply rooted within you, a you that you can’t imagine may exist. Like any other person on earth, you have a heart and a soul, both of which run on the consciousness of faith, hope and love for people, life and earth. As much as you force yourself to act the other way, you do have all that deep within. To bad you have let that part of your inner soul become so hardened, trained to be so cold and hidden away.”

“Those attitudes are for pansies, the losers of the world,” declared the Donald. “If you really are me, then you would be pouring out with praises for all I am doing to make this country great again by giving tax cuts to the big corporations so they can invest more in their businesses, by building a wall to keep the stinky, raping, drug invested Mexicans out, my plan to cut off immigration of any kind that involves possible Muslims and don’t forget my raising the cost of defense for our military complex to operate better than anyone else while providing the best and most treacherous machines of war.”

“And what about those children you separated from their parents, many of whom your people deported before giving their children back?” asked the Donald of the mirror. “What about the allowing yourself to remove environment protections which would make the world safer and longer lasting for your grandkids or even great-grandkids?”

“just shut up,” shouted the Donald. “Those people had no right or reason to come and clutter up our country, and their kids will be better off being raised by true Americans. We need to clean up the country and prove again we are the elite.”

“Donald, Donald, you just do not understand,” added the Donald of the mirror while shaking his head in a disappointing motion. “I guess it was bound to happen since you never had a chance to suffer and really work for your future.”

“I did to have to suffer and work for my future,” interrupted the Donald. “Remember the time I spent at military school, I know more than most in the military and I started my business career from scratch with just a few dollars from my father.”

Laughing now, the Donald of the mirror finished up by saying, “Really, military school is nothing like being in the military itself and you know that Donald James. You should be ashamed of yourself. As for starting from scratch, not sure anyone will believe that with that $14 million loan from your father, most people would be thrilled to jump start their futures with even just 10% of that amount.”

Suddenly the walls rattled as a pounding sound came from the door of the bedroom, a man yelling the question as to whether the Donald was okay.

“I am fine, I will be out in a few minutes just hang on,” shouted the Donald in response. “Dang secret service, they are such a pain in my ass by always wanting to make sure I am alright, or not wanting me to get off schedule. I hate schedules made by others.”

Turning back to the mirror and the conversation he was having with the Donald of the mirror, the Donald noticed a hateful, pissed off look to his face.

“By God the voice and nice face of the mirror are gone,” noted the Donald. “What a lightweight by taking flight and stopping our conversation without any notice. Typical weakling of society, to say a part of me is like whatever he was saying – how lame does he think he was.”

For now, the conversation is over. Will it return again with another meeting early in the morning with that first look in the mirror of the day, or did the Donald manage to once again bury deeper within what we all have within our soul – a consciousness with reason, faith, hope and love for all and the world around us. Only time will tell.

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