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Out of Touch Grocery Shopper

I just gotta say that when a politician claims that people must produce a photo ID when they are buying groceries as a comparison to why it should be simple requirement to produce a photo ID when voting, I first thought was – when did this guy ever last step into a grocery store let alone actually get in line and have to pay for it like a normal American would.

With the idea that this type of comment came out of the mouth that belongs to our current leader of the free world, makes it even more astonishing – though not surprising to so many who see our current leader as someone raised with a silver-spoon in his mouth and never having to live with a day-to-day job or paycheck.

Then as a response to a journalist question about the grocery store ID comment, the White House press secretary blurted out something about ‘needing an ID at the grocery store because you are buying wine or beer’.

What, really – what about the other 99 times out of 100 that you shop at that grocery store without getting any wine or beer, are we being asked to produce a photo ID in order to prove to someone that we are competent and who we claim to be just to buy groceries to keep fed. NO, we are not!!

I really do not have so much of a problem with maybe needing to show a photo ID when registering to vote, but then what do we do with those poorer souls who do not drive and may not have a photo ID to show.

Countless times we hear stories of individuals who have lived at the same residency for many, many years – but due to age and money may not drive anymore so they may not have much need for a photo driver’s license, what do we do with these folks? Do we just leave them hanging out to dry and unable to do their patriotic duty of voting, or do we find a system that accounts for those individuals and will put them in a position to do what they want to do for their grand country – Vote!!

What I hear in the presentations screaming about photo voter ID’s from folks like Kris Kobach of Kansas and people in the current White House administration, is they want to produce an element of fear in their support base – much like they do whenever they start to cackle about immigration.

In the case of the Kobach tirades about fraudulent voter registrations, I don’t recall much truth to any of the ones he tried his best to make cases with. All he seemed to do was a solid job of whipping up the fears of his support base into thinking that anybody without a photo ID is like an illegal or something and should not have the privilege of doing their patriotic duty –of voting. Plus, Kobach went on a nation-wide tour of ‘training’ communities about so called voter fraud and racked in hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process, all while trying to do the duties as Kansas Secretary of State.

What is the answer to voter ID fraud, first of all do not use it to whip fear among the people as the proof is in the pudding – individual voter fraud is almost non-existent except in the mind of those who want to gain votes off the ‘fear factor’.

Secondly, the biggest concern about voting and elections should be with the influence being thrown around from other countries, including Russia, through social media. The truth is, we most likely have a better chance of having our electronic voting systems hacked by foreign influences than by true voter ID fraud.

As for the ID at the grocery store comment, well I guess we can do one of two things – either we can use it as another sign that the current leader of the free world is clueless and maybe even incompetent in relating with the majority of the citizens he represents, or we can be like so many are already doing and just chalking it up to another sign that he needs to stay on script and is otherwise a proven leader who will fix our country. Of course, that is if you believe a good leader of the free world truly is a guy who began his career with a $50 million jump start from his daddy before ruining at least a dozen businesses, going bankrupt with many while leaving contract workers holding the bag and then bullying them to the point of not taking him to court to claim their money, is what your definition of a good leader is.

So, for now, I just gotta say – this is how I feel.

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