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I recently spent two days at your Quality Inn in Merriam, Kansas and as much as I would like to state that our stay was outstanding, I cannot.

Quality-Inn-Merriam-KS  First of all, trying to find the place was much harder than it seemed to be with the internet map as the frontage road your Quality Inn is on was very winding and confusing as far as getting off the one exit from I-135 closest to it.

Now upon our arrival we were greeted politely by the management person on duty (I believe his name was Greg), as he immediately apologized for having computer problems and it would take a few minutes to get our room, though he did say it was good that I already had made my reservation because that meant it was in the system and we could work the details out later. So, thanks to Greg, my initial reaction was okay – then we headed for the room.

I would swear on two things with the website I made the reservations from, that was that the rooms looked bigger and it was noted that the place had recently been renovated.  Walking down the hall toward the elevator to get to the second floor, I was looking for the renovations as the carpet seemed dark and old. Then we arrived at our room.

Talk about tiny, I am pretty sure the room was not any bigger than our master bath back home. According to pictures on the internet the room should have a King size bed, to bed stands, a desk, a chair for the desk and an extra chair for more than person to sit, a dresser with a TV on top, a small refrigerator, a microwave and a coffee maker. We had everything but the extra chair, but then it would not fit as there was barely any space to walk between the end of the bed and the dresser, or the walls and the side of the beds.

The bed tables barely had room for the lamp and a phone, which left a problem for me as I have to use a C-Pap machine to sleep. It fit, but only at an angle.

If you did not have the desk chair under the desk, then you had no room to turn the corner by the outside wall to get into bed or get to the wall air conditioner/heater.

Oh, did I mention that the air conditioner was not on at all and the room was like 76 degrees when we walked in!!  I have never been to a motel that did not have the climate control stuff running ahead of a reservation to make it at least somewhat comfortable from the first step in the door.

Then we realized the bathroom sink is outside the bathroom itself and has no room for anything much more than a toothbrush and water cup. The toilet and bath/shower were in a room smaller than all but one closet I have at home and unless you are small, to close the door you either stand around the toilet or step into the bathtub.

Did I mention the bath towels were like half the size of most you find in motels and you didn’t give us more than exactly what you needed. Most motels I have ever stayed had supplied very large bath towels and always supplied at least one extra set.

The only true plus we did find in our room was the apartment size refrigerator/freezer and microwave both worked extremely well.

While you are not necessarily in a motel room to watch television, it would have been nice to have something decent to watch when we did. The cable you had included like 10 sports channels, 10 news channels and nothing like even one hallmark channel (my wife’s favorite).

For having a sign out front that mentioned recently renovated, I never could find the renovations. I mean all your hallway carpets were nasty and stained.

Yes, you did offer a hot breakfast, but it was nothing spectacular as the eggs were obviously frozen and heated up, and while your sausage links were solid – the biscuits and gravy were absolutely terrible with the biscuits feeling like they were a week old and the sausage gravy was running as if it was made from straight water.

Needless to say, I was not overly pleased with the stay we had for two days this past weekend and most likely when we return to Kansas City you can count on us staying somewhere else.

So, with the exception of Greg at the front desk who was still very personable despite having major computer problems as well as an ice machine that was leaking everywhere, my review of your Quality Inn located in Merriam, Kansas will have maybe an overall score of 2.5 and no I would not recommend others to stay there unless it was the last rooms available in Kansas City.

Good luck with future guests, hoping they find their stay better than ours.

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