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No matter what we end up doing in life for a career, or the path we take to get where we may be today – one truth holds forth, along the way we all have had adversaries and allies to deal with in either a negative or positive way.

Even without work, most of us can look back to our travels of life and pick out those people who we would consider adversaries and those who for sure would be considered an ally.

Sometimes those adversaries and allies can even be found within a core or extended family unit. This especially may hold true if you or a sibling has ever been through a messy breakup or divorce.

In the working world, one can always find adversaries and allies whether it be a fellow employee or maybe one of the bosses or management. I know a factory job I had at one time where we had days that the feeling in the air was like a near civil war between different members of a crew you were working with, and many times the line was pretty thin between whether a fellow employee or management person was an adversary or an ally. Sometimes those lines changed from day to day.

I’ll bet that if asked everyone reading this could sit down and take 10 minutes to come up with a list of adversaries and allies within their travels of life up the point they are at now as they read this writing of Grumpy Gramps.

Why is it important to understand the lines between adversary and ally, because they can, and many times will make or break the direction a person’s life or career may take.

Our grand country is constantly working that line between adversaries and allies throughout the world, walking the line between getting along with them as best we can, upsetting them to the edge of disaster or just letting things roll along as they are without making any waves at all.

Having been in food service management for 20-plus years, I know the plusses and minuses of dealing with adversaries and allies in the everyday world, and the one thing you do not or should not ever do is throw a big wrench at an ally without discussing the change first, and you should not just jump in bed with an adversary without cautiously feeling them out to make sure the appearance of them becoming a possible ally is trustworthy.

I have made my mistakes in both the business and personal world of my life by seemingly attacking an ally or trusting too early an adversary, and every time it happened my travels of life hit upon some very bumpy roads.

With my own experiences being what they have been, it makes me wonder what kind of person in our government would attack or throw huge obstacles up at long-time allies like Canada, Mexico and the European Union, while at the same time getting so chummy with ruthless dictators from adversaries like Russia and North Korea. But then again, this person in government who should be seeing his fellow countryman as allies, continues to throw huge boulders of fake and baseless information at his local allies while also breaking down as quickly as he can so many of the protections set up to protect them.

I remember growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, having many worthy statesmen on all sides of the political aisle that set examples of how to agree to disagree but yet find a way to not only take care of the true allies of our government, the people, but also to find ways to grow the country for a long-time future of health, education and well-being.

I question why you would slap huge tariffs on dealings with your allies without sitting down and working out a new trade deal to benefit both.

I question why you would want to tear down those protections of the environment, protections to benefit the life and well being of what should be your strongest allies – the people of this grand country – instead of providing huge benefits to those who seek to damage the environment and the people around them for the sole purpose of making more money.

I question why you would get so chummy, so fast with a ruthless dictator before they were to actually show any good faith at all in changing their ways and attitude toward their own citizens and the world itself.

I question why you would submit to a private, one-on-one meeting with another ruthless dictator without first confronting and dealing with the way in which they have meddled in our own country’s affairs and elections.

I question why you would slap huge tariffs on a country that we continue to walk a fine line between adversary and ally with, tariffs that will directly affect the livelihoods of so many of our country’s best farmers, while not follow that other country’s lead in fixing the problems with the environment and taking advantage of re-usable energy sources like solar, wind and hydra power.

Adversaries and allies is part of everyday living, whether you are a sacker at the local grocery store, a parts person in the local factory, a pastor bringing hope to the masses, a doctor helping care for the people, a teacher guiding the children of our future, or a person working within the government helping to oversee the people of this great nation – we all have adversaries and allies.

My questions to you:

  • Who do you see as the adversaries and allies in your daily walk of life, and how do you deal with them?
  • How do you see our elected officials in charge of protecting us the citizens and the environment/future of this great county – as adversaries or allies?
  • If you see them as adversaries – what can, and will you do to work with them to see the proper directions we need to be going to properly protect and care for the citizens and environment/future of this great country?
  • If you see them as allies – what can, and will you do to continue gaining the trust of the adversaries, so they see what is proper in your eyes to properly protect and care for the citizens and environment/future of this great country?

We all have adversaries and allies, and we each have our own way to work with them – how we work with them has and does directly play a major part of our travels in life – how we deal with them will give you clues to the direction your path will be taking.

With that – hugs & happy thoughts from Grumpy Gramps

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