Marilyn Monroe (1926 – 1962)

Morgan Freeman turns 81

Heidi Klum turns 45

Willow Shields turns 18

Javier Hernandez turns 30

Jonah Green turns 23

Amy Schumer turns 37

Andy Griffith (1926 – 2012)

It’s June 1 – IN HISTORY:

1990 – Treaty to end chemical weapon production signed by George H. W. Bush & Mikhail Gorbachev.

1934 – Nissan Motor Company founded

1861 – US & Confederacy simultaneously stop mail interchange

1831 – North Magnetic Pole discovered by James Clark Ross

1638 – The first recorded earthquake in the United States happened at Plymouth, Massachusetts.

It’s June 1 – THIS DAY IN:

In Business

1980 – The Cable News Network, launched by Ted Turner – airs for the first time changing the world of news reporting forever.

In Entertainment

1991 – CTV: The Comedy Network, changes its name to Comedy Central to avoid conflict w/ Canada

In Geography

1792 – Bluegrass state Kentucky is admitted to the U.S. becoming the 15th state.

In Sports

1917 – Hank Gowdy becomes the first major league player to enlist during World War I

It’s June 1 – The HOLIDAY IS:

National Day Against Homophobia (Canada) – Promotes acceptance of different sexualities and commemorates the removal of anti-gay clauses from the Criminal Code of Canada.