I almost find it amusing when I read or hear the backlash to the young adults/teens who are trying to make a difference and get our country to come to grips with an un-rational love of guns, especially military type weapons.

Of course, many of those speaking harsh or even slanderous words toward this newest generation of speakers, should be taking a few moments to think back to those days they may have been growing up in, like the 1960’s and 1970’s. For that matter how about those on the front lines of school desegregation in the 1950’s. These people speaking so harshly toward what is happening, need to look back and remember the ages of many of those on the front lines of the protests looking for change in segregation, civil rights and of course the Vietnam War.

I do remember those days, I remember the day the news broke of the students being gunned down on the grounds of Kent State University while questioning the Vietnam War. I remember seeing the coverage of the fire hoses and dogs that were put upon those who were looking for equal rights no matter what the color of the skin. I remember.

I remember turning to my father, a peace and civil rights activist himself, and commenting after the Kent State University shootings – that if I was just a few years older, that could’ve been me. I remember.

I remember those young adults/teens from the pictures and news clips, putting their voice, their bodies in harm’s way to others so that hopefully changes could be made. I remember.

I remember now watching in horror the shootings, one after another over the past several years, taking away so many of our next generation – from little kids at Sandy Hook to high schoolers in Florida to young adults in Las Vegas. I will remember.

I now, today, will remember seeing the hundreds of thousands of young adults/teens voicing their displeasure with non-action by politicians to strengthen gun measures.

I will remember the generation between mine and the current activist, never seemed to have a reason to get fired up, to get active for, to fight for – instead they rolled along with the unbelievable changes in technology and games.

I will remember the pleas today from these new generation activists for ‘common sense’ gun laws, for not to strike down the 2nd Amendment but to make it stronger, safer by banning military weapons from civilian use.  And yes, they call for stricter laws regarding who can and should have a right to own a gun.

I will remember those on the side of the NRA (National Rifle Association) who have insulted and threatened this new generation. I will remember.

I will remember the lies from both outer edges of the left and right, the lies and misrepresentations being spread with such distain for the other side. I will remember.

I will remember those who have insulted myself, my friends and my mentors with misunderstandings to our request for ‘common sense’ gun laws. I will remember.

I will remember that I have ‘never’ declared taking away 2nd Amendment rights from anyone, I am only looking for ‘common sense’ ground to work on. I will remember.

I will remember, and I will continue to praise this new generation of activists as they march forward in hopes of changing the tune in all levels and sides of politics, while gaining momentum for making those changes by realizing that voting does make a difference. I will remember.

I will remember, as will this new generation, those in politics who have turned their back on the people they work for and taken the road that has been bought by greed and power. I will remember.

I ask you that are old enough, to remember the ages of those who started making differences in segregation, in civil rights and in the Vietnam War, and realize that we have a new generation who can, should and do have a voice.

I ask you to listen as they begin to take control of their future, a future which our generation and the generation in between is failing them by not working with ‘common sense’ ideas for safety with guns, food, environment and the climate.

There we have it, another yapping by ‘Grumpy Gramps’.  If you want more from ‘Grumpy Gramps’ then check out the Facebook page of CrossDove Writer.

Until next time – prayers, blessing and happy thoughts – ‘Grumpy Gramps’.

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