Ever feel like you have a vocabulary vacuum, here is an opportunity to limit a possible vocabulary vacuum that so many seem to have these days.

Today’s Word is ‘CACESTOGENOUS’!!  Used within a sentence – – ‘The appearance of the young man gives me the impression that it was ‘cacestogenous’.

The previous Word-4-Today was ‘Bacillophobia’, which when used in a sentence could be – ‘During the flu season, many may act as if they have a severe case of ‘Bacillophobia’, I know I have’.

Definition of ‘Bacillophobia’ was ‘A fear of germs’.

So, enjoy everyone and as you figure out how to continue solving any possible vocabulary vacuum within your talks, try using either the ‘Word 4 Today’ or the previous ‘Word 4 Today’ and watch the facial expressions of those around you when they wonder what the heck you may have just said – they could be priceless!!