It is that time of the year, when so many are so whining about the cold weather, and if there is any wind involved that brings those magical two words, ‘wind chill’ out of the mouths of the weather folks near and far, then the whining can take a quick turn to major complaining.

But how many stop and think about the good health that is involved with having solid stretches (we are talking of more than five or six days in a row) of cold weather, where the high temperature of the day stays below the number 30.

For near 39 years I have lived in the true heart of America, the center of the state of Kansas.  And for those same 39 years I have told folks that I would take a Minnesota winter (I lived in the great land of lakes for most of 8 ½ years) over the Kansas winter anytime.

My reasoning came from the true good that comes from solid stretches of cold weather, and yes there is some true good that comes from those shivering days of ice and even howling winds with wind chills.

I have been known to tell folks that living in Minnesota during the middle of winter, it would get so cold you seem to be able to snap the breath you exhale in half.

What the best part of that kind of extreme cold – it helps get rid of nasty bugs, in particularly those that may be carrying diseases.  Among those pests that the long term cold spells will help take care of are mosquito’s and ticks.

Even better than killing off some of the bugs, those who suffer from allergies and/or breathing issues find that the extreme stretches of cold is needed and helpful in killing off allergens, which in turn will help those with breathing issues breath better.

I for one have both asthma and stage III COPD, and the cold weather does seem to help my breathing and always has, although there are times which either my asthma or COPD will be affected if I rush to fast from the extreme cold outside into a much warmer inside of a building.  The major change in temperature can cause an issue.

Another reason for the good of cold weather, it can help reduce inflammation in sore muscles.  Unfortunately, many will claim that the extreme cold will enhance the pain in joints.  Other reasons found for the extreme cold weather to be good for you would be it helps burn calories, brings us closer and makes us have more of an appreciation for those warmer days.

Of course, if you so choose, you can also claim that extreme cold weather is good for reasons such as an excuse to either be late or miss work – though from experience on both sides of the employee/employer frame of things, it is not highly recommended.

As for me, a more humorous reason to appreciate the extreme cold is that I notice a complete stoppage of bird droppings on my vehicles.  And considering how annoying those are on a windshield, it should most definitely be considered one of those good reasons for appreciating extreme cold weather.

So, for today, Grumpy Gramps is going to enjoy the good of the extreme cold weather while using a well-trained use of selective hearing to pay attention to those who may be whining.

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Until next time – prayers, blessing and happy thoughts – ‘Grumpy Gramps’.

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