We have a home in our neighborhood where the American flag is flying next to their porch.  The flag has become tattered and torn, as it continues to fly day or night, no matter what the weather.

Recently during a discussion with a friend, the subject of the flag came up because my friend had a major ‘bone to pick’ with the people flying the flag – they don’t have it lit up during the over-night hours.

While I openly admit, I do not know all the precise rules or regulations to flying our nations flag, I do know it should be lit and I was interested to find out why the person flying the flag was letting it wave in the Kansas winds, day or night in the condition the flag was in.

This is the response I got:

‘Yep, I know it should have a light on it when it is dark outside and that it most probably should not be flying in bad weather like a thunder or snow storm.

Yep, I know it is looking pretty-tattered and torn as it flutters the days away, while catching occasionally on the porch railing that is probably too close for comfort.

But let me tell you this, as much as we all know what the stars, stripes and colors represent – I look at the tattered and torn character the flag has now and call it the battle look, because that is what happens when a flag is surviving or has survived a battle of some sort.

The battle this tattered and torn flag represents is the current battle we have going on today in America over the direction our country needs to be going, and whether we as a country can or will survive the battle going on over the important items like the constitution, democracy and freedoms we as the United States represent.

You look around and we are in a major battle between the power of those that have money and want more, and those that did not get their start with a silver spoon in the mouth or daddy’s money to set them up, which leads to the current appearance being presented that seems to be taking those who are just getting by, and pushing them further and further down the path away from any chance of success and getting ahead.

That tattered and torn look represents the battle that is being started due to the incredible steps back that our current administration is trying to take regarding equal rights, civil rights, healthcare, environmental care, plus all those regulations they keep rolling back that help protect what we breath, smell, hear, see and eat.

If you are elderly, disabled and struggling, the battle is becoming more real as one program after another that is set up to help, is being torn down piece by piece for the benefit and profit of those that already have so much they will never spend it all.  Have these folks not read the bible that talks about how wealth will not get you through the so called golden door of heaven.

You asked about not having a light on the flag at night, well that is the easiest part of my response – the light on the flag should represent how our grand country has impeccable civil and equal rights, individual freedoms and still be open to all who are looking for an opportunity to enjoy what we offer in rights and freedoms.  But now, the light of civil rights, equal rights and individual freedoms are beginning to flicker and has the appearance that it may be going out.

To me the light on a flag should represent those items and right now, none are being guaranteed – simple as that, the light that represents our United States to the rest of world is going out and too many has already been turned off.’

That was the response I got when I looked in the mirror to ask myself what was the best way to answer my friends question without getting into a long two-hour verbal discussion or battle.

That was the response I should give, because that tattered, torn and un-lit flag is the one in my front yard, by my porch – fluttering in the Kansas winds twenty-four hours a day for the past five months.

That is the response I will give, because that is the beginning of my thoughts as to, what is or is not happening to our grand country as we step through the doorway from 2017 to 2018.

There we have it, another yapping by ‘Grumpy Gramps’.  If you want more from ‘Grumpy Gramps’ then check out the Facebook page of CrossDove Writer.

Until next time – prayers, blessing and happy thoughts – ‘Grumpy Gramps’.

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