Here is an opportunity to limit a possible vocabulary vacuum that so many seem to have these days.

Today’s Word is ‘PAGOPHOBIA’!!  Used within a sentence – – ‘If you have this, then you best not be living in states like Minnesota, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wisconsin or Maine’.

Previous Word-4-Today was ‘Obmutescent’ and the sentence we used was ‘We all know someone or somebodies that feel this way when dealing with the normal routine of life’.

The definition of that previous Word-4-Today, ‘Obmutescent’ was ‘Preferring to have silence or to avoid noise’.

Enjoy everyone, as you figure out how to solve your possible vocabulary vacuum and use either of the words within a conversation.  Seeing the facial expressions of those around you when they wonder what the heck you may have just said could be priceless!!