Here is an opportunity to limit a possible vocabulary vacuum that so many seem to have these days.

Today’s Word is ‘NANOPHILIA’!!  Used within a sentence – – ‘Wonder if any of those who love movies/shows like the Wizard of Oz or Little People, Big World have a problem with ‘Nanophilia’.

Previous Word-4-Today was ‘Machiaphobia’ and the sentence we used was ‘With all the disruption in the world today, maybe we need more folks who have a real case of ‘MACHIAPHOBIA’ so that those disruptions do not get worse.’

The definition of that previous Word-4-Today, ‘Machiaphobia’ was ‘Fear of war’.

Enjoy everyone, as you figure out how to solve your possible vocabulary vacuum and use either of the words within a conversation.  Seeing the facial expressions of those around you when they wonder what the heck you may have just said could be priceless!!