Here is an opportunity to limit a possible vocabulary vacuum that so many seem to have these days.

Today’s Word is ‘LABEORPHILIST’!!  Used within a sentence – – Most everyone probably knows someone who not only enjoys having a drink of this, but may also enjoy hanging on to the container as well because they may be a ‘LABEORPHILIST’.

Previous Word-4-Today was ‘Kakidrosiphobia’ and the sentence we used was ‘When one seems to have a fear of hot weather or over doing it when exercising or working, it could be because they have ‘kakidrosiphobia’.

The definition for that previous Word-4-Today, ‘Kakidrosiphobia’ was ‘A fear of body odor or sweat’.

Enjoy everyone, as you figure out how to solve your possible vocabulary vacuum and use either of the words within a conversation.  Seeing the facial expressions of those around you when they wonder what the heck you may have just said could be priceless!!