As much as some of us would like to deny it, we all are in this thing called life together and while we may want to ignore a lot that is going on beyond the community you live in – knowing what is going on is very important for several reasons.

Everyone likes to have something to brag or complain about and what better than to do it about a news item from elsewhere that may truly effect your everyday living.


THE NEWS TO KNOW > > Trump is ready to present a $4.1 Trillion Budget Bill!!

Reason to Know > No matter how much you may want to say it will not affect you, any new budget bill will touch your life in some way or another.

According to bits and pieces of the new Trump $4.1 Trillion Budget Proposal, you will be affected if you are dealing with social security disabilities.

You will be affected if your children attend and/or you work or are active in public schools – where Trump and DeVos are looking to cut up to $11 billion!

You will be affected if you are struggling and need help from food stamps and/or Medicaid.

Yes, you need to pay attention and be pro-active in protecting the freedoms and rights we have.

The NEWS TO KNOW > > Former CIA Director was questioned about the meddling of Russia in the 2016 Presidential Race.

Reason to Know > The need to know simply comes from the fact that another country, a dictatorship type country having a play in our ‘freedom’ to vote and meddle with the election of the leader of the free world – it should outrage you that they may have done it.

Our freedoms, our democracy is near the edge of a slippery slope that could easily lead to the loss of freedoms and rights that most of us could never have imagined being taken away.

Getting to the bottom of the Russian influence on our current people in Washington is as important, if not even more important than the Watergate Scandal that brought down the presidency of Richard Nixon.

The NEWS TO KNOW > > The Golden State Warriors remain unbeaten as they defeat the San Antonio Spurs and enter the NBA Championship series.

Reason to Know > Okay, this is not something you really need to know – unless you are a big basketball fan.

The Warriors are loaded with top talent and with the odds that they will be playing the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Championship round is little more than an afterthought for the entire NBA season.  A season that was marked with several teams ‘tanking’ the last month of the season in hopes of getting the first pick in the next NBA collegiate draft, of course they did not.

So, take this ‘news to know’ at your own risk or appreciation.

That’s it, just a couple of bits of News to Know and the Reasons to Know it.  Do you have a news item which you may wonder why and if you should be concerned with?  If so then let us know and we will share our outlook.

For now, remember life out there can and will affect your version of right here, right now – so remember to find the news to know and know the news to know.

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