It seems, for sports fans at least, that for several years now with the help of the NFL Network and ESPN, we have found a new spring ritual for the end of April – it’s called the NFL College Draft.

NFL-Draft--02 For the non-sports fan, this is where the National Football League spends three days going through seven-rounds of each team picking collegiate players to fill out their rosters with the hopes that maybe fifty-percent of them will prove to be worth the time and money being spent on them.

I say spring ritual because it amazes me how much time people spend watching sports pundits talk about what a person’s favorite team will be doing to make their team roster better.  I mean, if you go to the magazine section in a local book shop or grocery store, they even have full magazines that people are spending as much as $10-15 for, just to make them feel like they really know what may happen and who may get picked by each team.

These days, I just shake my head because I know I was one of those types of fans who just itched to get to the NFL Draft to not only see if my favorite NFL team would pick the players they need, but also to anxiously wait for my favorite players from my favorite collegiate team to get chosen.

But now, over the years I realize it is as much a waste of time as it is invigorating.  There is much more in the world around us to be concerned about and need attention, plus I now have married kids and one short of a dozen grandkids to keep track of.

Couple of reasons why I do not pay as much attention – one, I really do have other things to be doing and two, it’s become a media monster and while I work within the media to me the NFL Draft is one of those things that has gotten so big that for me it has lost its luster.

And this is just minor stuff, I haven’t even gotten started on the amount of money that is thrown at these young men and the amount of money these teams invest in this NFL Draft process.  Anymore, for me it just seems that for the same reasons I don’t go crazy over the Oscars or any of 10 music awards, the NFL Draft just seems to have become a monster of media hype and exposure.

So, while, as a devoted fan of the NFL, I will be much interested in seeing just how many of these young men survive more than just a couple of seasons because that is what fans do, but for the NFL Draft itself – I will look up the results off and on with my electronic gadgets, but overall I have much more important things to do and get done than tie myself to the NFL Draft for three whole days.

And there you have it, ‘Grumpy Gramps’ spewing in response to something I may have seen and liked or disliked, and either way had the feeling that he needed to get his response ‘off my chest’.  So maybe you can enjoy, enlighten and think about what I may have said.  And if you want, feel free to respond with a comment or two on his blog and ‘Grumpy Gramps’ promises to give you some type of response.  Word of caution, ‘Grumpy Gramps’ has a line that shall not be crossed regarding name calling, racism, hatred or threats and more – and if that line gets crossed, well you’ll see at that point.

As for those wondering about why I call this ‘Grumpy Gramps’, it’s because I have been around the walk of life for a long while now and for those who know me, I have my thoughts and opinions which seem to spew out on occasion much to the chagrin of my wife and a few of my grandkids.  When that happens, the grandkids look at me with squinted eyes and say, ‘being grumpy, gramps’.

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Prayers, blessings and happy thoughts – ‘Grumpy Gramps’.

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