As much as some of us would like to deny it, we all are in this thing called life together and while we may want to ignore a lot that is going on beyond the community you live in – knowing what is going on is very important for several reasons.

Everyone likes to have something to brag or complain about and what better than to do it about a news item from elsewhere that may truly effect your everyday living.


THE NEWS TO KNOW > > The Chinese have brought an extraordinary number of military aircraft to full readiness.

Reason to Know > With the current administration in Washington rattling their swords at North Korea, the Chinese are prepping for a possible confrontation between the United States and North Korea, and that is not good news.

It seems that the Administration is doing what it can to tick people off and pick a fight with someone, in this case the little kid from North Korea.

While it would be nice to use diplomacy, our current administration does not seem to have a clue as to how to negotiate from any angle but the bully angle, and I am sure using bully tactics will not sit well or work with either North Korea or China.

Why should you be concerned?  Well for one if you have kids or grandkids reaching the ages of 18-25, can you guess who will be first ones to step foot into any conflict we may get into.

We are still trying to get our footprint out of Iraq and Afghanistan, while picking a fight already with Syria, the Russians and Iran – we do not need to start another conflict.  Unless you are in business with the military machine as they surely will profit from more military action somewhere in the world.

But this possible conflict could turn into a big one, especially if either the North Koreans or our current administration were to through some big killing devices into the fray, like that huge bomb we dropped on a supposed ISIS hideout last week.

Know what is going on with North Korea and China, don’t forget how much stuff you purchase every year, month or day that originates from China, and hope that the conflict can be worked out diplomatically – although this writer is not sure that is in the wheelhouse of the folks currently running our government.

The NEWS TO KNOW > > All around the world on Saturday, scientists and science enthusiasts will be hitting the streets in cities to convey to governments and the public alike how important science is to the health and safety of our planet and its inhabitants.

Reason to Know > Because the current administration in Washington is a group of climate change and science deniers.  Dismantling the Environmental Protection Agency is one scary happening, as is the removal of protections from people like Dow Chemical as well as the mining and gas companies.

According to those organizing the marches on Saturday, they are marching for science and it is the first step of a global movement to defend the vital role science plays in our health, safety, economies and governments.

We as humans are on the verge of committing environmental suicide if we step back on the protections and progress we have made the last ten years in protecting the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat.

The massive loss of honey bees is one clue that something is adrift and most people have no clue how important those honey bees are to the pollination of the crops we grow to put in the stores for people to purchase and put on the tables of families throughout the world.

While so many countries in Europe are pushing to protect their environment, while putting more dependency on things like renewable energy sources of wind and solar – the United States seems hellbent on rolling back to the early last century.

You as an individual need to care, because when we start pumping out more pollution in the air and chemicals on our foods we will begin to see a rise in diseases, while the world itself will push us toward extinction with more ice melt and the loss of species that are on this earth to serve a purpose – and that purpose is to make the world tick along for our survival.

Science and the environment are very crucial toward your survival, your kid’s survival and your grandkids survival – pay attention and do something about it.

That’s it, just a couple of bits of News to Know and the Reasons to Know it.  Do you have a news item which you may wonder why and if you should be concerned with?  If so then let us know and we will share our outlook.

For now, remember life out there can and will affect your version of right here, right now – so remember to find the news to know and know the news to know.

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