Whether you attend church on a regular basis or not, there are still certain pieces of music that just seem to be automatic for various events throughout the year, and Easter is no different than any others such as Christmas.

With this writer having been a preacher’s kid, church hymns is something that is a piece of knowledge to cherish.

But this last weekend I was totally bewildered and just left feeling somewhat empty when the church I attended did not have any true Easter music for Easter.

Instead, as many churches seem to want to do in the past ten years, the service was more like I was attending a Christian music concert.  A short skit at the beginning of the service, followed by 30-plus minutes of music and then the maybe 20 minutes of preacher talk.

The music presented came complete with a folk guitar, an electric guitar, drums, fancy piano playing, electronic keyboard and an old-fashioned stand-up bass player.

It was Easter, so the sanctuary was packed to the maximum and yet it just did not seem like an Easter Sunday.  Something was missing – where the heck was the Easter music?

Let’s see, the music performed was ‘Forever’, ‘Rejoice the Lord is King’, ‘Holy Spirit, You are Welcome Here’, ‘Holy’, ‘All Hail the Power’, ‘O Come to the Altar’ and ‘In Christ Alone/Solid Rock’.

I would have most likely been okay if maybe they had at least included ‘Because He Lives’ or ‘He Lives’, but I do believe this was the first Easter service I had ever attended that did not have the great Easter hymn ‘Christ the Lord is Risen Today’.

Even with the instruments being used, the use of at least a couple of these hymns would have put the Easter feel back into the morning.

So for this Easter Sunday, the visit to the church of choice turned out to be more of a agitation toward those who find it more ‘Christian’ to turn their back on traditions and old standards, than being a visit of celebration and joy as Easter Sunday should be.

And there you have it, ‘Grumpy Gramps’ spewing in response to something I may have seen and liked or disliked, and either way had the feeling that he needed to get his response ‘off my chest’.  So maybe you can enjoy, enlighten and think about what I may have said.  And if you want, feel free to respond with a comment or two on his blog and ‘Grumpy Gramps’ promises to give you some type of response.  Word of caution, ‘Grumpy Gramps’ has a line that shall not be crossed regarding name calling, racism, hatred or threats and more – and if that line gets crossed, well you’ll see at that point.

As for those wondering about why I call this ‘Grumpy Gramps’, it’s because I have been around the walk of life for a long while now and for those who know me, I have my thoughts and opinions which seem to spew out on occasion much to the chagrin of my wife and a few of my grandkids.  When that happens, the grandkids look at me with squinted eyes and say ‘being grumpy, gramps’.

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Prayers, blessings and happy thoughts – ‘Grumpy Gramps’.

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