As much as some of us would like to deny it, we all are in this thing called life together and while we may want to ignore a lot that is going on beyond the community you live in – knowing what is going on is very important for several reasons.

Everyone likes to have something to brag or complain about and what better than to do it about a news item from elsewhere that may truly effect your everyday living.


THE NEWS TO KNOW > > Trump has called to congratulate the Turkish leader for gaining a very slim victory in a special election giving him nearly sole power over the country.

Reason to Know > Our current president seems to have a love and infatuation with dictator type leaders, except for the little guy in North Korea, and that should be something to pay attention to.

As a businessman, Trump ruled with sole authority and ran over many folks in his business career, not something that bodes well in a democracy as we are supposed to have.  But true to the Trump style, he is setting so many things up to benefit himself and his ultra-rich friends while most of America seems to be blind to the actions.

Trump is looking at every angle to gain control over so much of our government functions, and those he is not interested in or feel will cut into the immense profits he wants for himself and his friends – then he seems attuned to get rid of them, like the environmental protection agency or the department of education.

Trump likes having final say about everything to the point of danger, especially since he is so hooked on himself as assuming to know everything – and friends we all learned at an early age what happens in the end when you assume something.

Keep an eye on this infatuation with dictator type authority – Trump wants it and it is up to us as citizens to make sure he does not get it.

The NEWS TO KNOW > > Trump once again has gone to Florida for the weekend.  The trips are costing the American taxpayers millions for every trip and already in 80 days has bit into the budget to the tune of over $20 million.  This plus the $146,00/day it costs for the taxpayers to take care of Melania Trump while she stays in New York at the Trump Towers.

Reason to Know > Hypocrisy rides very much in high tide with this issue as Trump and the right-wing republicans screamed every time President Obama even mentioned the idea of leaving Washington and yelped about the costs constantly for all eight years.

Let’s compare the costs – in his eight years, President Obama spent about $97 million on trips and vacations, while Trump has already spent over $20 million in his first 80 days in office.  Get the picture.

Remember Trump screaming about President Obama golfing, yet how many times has Trump been golfing already?

This is our taxpayer money, much of which is being scrubbed from programs for veterans, elderly, disabled, poor, etc. to pay for the Trump living standard.

Our taxpayer money will increase for the coverage needed by the Secret Service – yet the Trump administration does not want to increase their budget.

All this is about the taxpayer money and how it is being spent – have you thought about who is profiting from the government being charged on these trips by the places where Trump stays and plays golf.  Think about that and understand Trump is billing the government for every trip to Florida because Trump is the one profiting from the trips.

That’s it, just a couple of bits of News to Know and the Reasons to Know it.  Do you have a news item which you may wonder why and if you should be concerned with?  If so then let us know and we will share our outlook.

For now, remember life out there can and will affect your version of right here, right now – so remember to find the news to know and know the news to know.

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