We all have our own thoughts, opinions, ideas – all of which we seemingly treasure as our own and unique, all of which come through what we decipher from family, friends, news and the world around us.

We all at one time or another like the opportunity to share those thoughts, opinions, ideas – you know let off some steam or maybe just to say ‘hey this is my opinion’.

That’s what ‘News View’ is about, an opportunity to take a few bits of current and/or more recent past news and putting our personal imprint and/or opinion on it.

So from somewhere nearly in the heart of the United States where views of news literally comes from television, the internet and yes even some newspapers and magazines (some of us still read them) – here comes a View of the News.

The News – The news of the morning was that long-time anchor and reporter for ESPN John Saunders passed away overnight at the age of 61.


The View – I fool nobody when I say I am a sports fan with baseball, college basketball, college and professional football plus some soccer being my favorites.

So when I started my day today with the news that John Saunders of ESPN had passed away at age 61, the sports fan in me was heartbroken.

Heartbroken because Saunders was one of the really good guys who knew his craft, had the personality to draw in the crowd/listeners and the knowledge to always keep the fan and athlete alike on their toes.

I can pick out groups of journalists in my lifetime that I consider among the elite and in the world of sports there is no doubt in my mind that Saunders belongs on the list of the elite sports journalists of our lifetime.

Saunders was with ESPN for near 30 years and seemed to have done it all.  Saunders covered all the sports, did play-by-play for hockey, college football and college basketball, hosted countless SportsCenter shows and the last several years hosted a show called the ‘Sports Reporters’ where his personality helped corral the egos of many a sports journalist.

Some of the most memorable moments in his career would be those tandem presentations with Dick Vitale, Jim Valvano, Bob Ley and so many more.

As a youth I wanted to be that sportscaster/broadcaster only to be told my voice wasn’t made for radio and/or television, despite it not being any worse than say a Howard Cosell.  Instead I moved on into other fields although I would later on return to my writing, but no matter what I may have been doing I never lost my passion for good, solid, honest and trustworthy journalism no matter what form it would take.

You combine that passion with a love for many sports then you know I can be picky about my sportscasters and John Saunders came as close as anyone as in my adult life to being what I would call the ultimate professional.

His voice, knowledge, passion and laugh will be missed.

May all our prayers and blessings be with not only the Saunders family, but also his ESPN family as well for he will be a major hole in their daily lives and routines.

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So with that, for now from the very heart of this country we say aloha, shalom, prayers, blessings and get to know your views of the news – William & CrossDove Writer.


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