We all have our own thoughts, opinions, ideas – all of which we seemingly treasure as our own and unique, all of which come through what we decipher from family, friends, news and the world around us.

We all at one time or another like the opportunity to share those thoughts, opinions, ideas – you know let off some steam or maybe just to say ‘hey this is my opinion’.

That’s what ‘News View’ is about, an opportunity to take a few bits of current and/or more recent past news and putting our personal imprint and/or opinion on it.

So from somewhere nearly in the heart of the United States where views of news literally comes from television, the internet and yes even some newspapers and magazines (some of us still read them) – here comes a View of the News.

Reflections--Power--003  The News – Kansas Governor Brownback’s economic experiment has been a disaster and the voters told him so by ousting at least 14 incumbents state senators or representatives during the August primary and according to reports many other ‘Brownbackers’ could get the boot in November from a steady Democratic candidate.

The View – The great economic experiment from the one-time conservative Republican darling, Sam Brownback, came to a head on Tuesday when the voters in Kansas spoke and tossed out 14 of his supporters in Topeka – and this was just in the primary.

If rumors hold true, it appears that the more progressive and liberal democrats could even vote out several more in the general elections of November.

Thank goodness the citizens of this fair state have seen the light of disaster and have spoken with the vote to try and get things turned back around before the state falls into even more economic disarray.

It all started when Brownback pushed through his pride-and-joy tax cuts, including some 330,000+ LLC’s who were given a free pass on paying any taxes.  And that my friends proved to be a financial disaster.

The little guys and middle folks are paying the price and will continue to pay the price as the economic story for both June and July showed another back-to-back $30 million+ deficit reports, and Brownback has already just about borrowed as much as he can from the transportation folks while holding off on payments to KPERS.

And beyond the financial mess is the mess with the health departments and KANCARE.

Oh, did you hear that they lowered the credit rating on the state – again.

I have now lived in this state for over 35 years and have never seen such a mess, and it is a scary mess as I now have grandkids that are reaching the age of heading out on their own and if they leave the state for better opportunities I would not blame them one bit.

State institutions like KU, K-State, Ft. Hays St., Wichita St, Emporia St and Pittsburg St have all had major budget cuts, which leads to a dip in the ability of those fine standards of higher education from doing what they do best – educate the future leaders and thinkers of the state.

And don’t get me started on the education stuff, where the State Supreme Court ordered the legislature and Brownback to come up with a solution to better fund schools or face a statewide shutdown.  Our state constitution demands proper funding for public education, but Brownback fights it tooth and nail because he hates public education.

So, where this fine state goes from here will all depend on the final tally of Brownbacker’s who get the boot from Topeka and whether or not Brownback himself gets the message and starts compromising with the legislature to get this state turned around economically.

One more thing, pretty much all the LLC folks that I know have noted that while they appreciate the prospect to not pay taxes they almost all agree that it is not fair to not carry their share of the load – especially when the burden gets tossed back on their employees and those less fortunate.  Just something to remember and think about if you still are a Brownbacker.

You may agree or disagree with what I post – it is always your choice, but I do ask for those who are compelled to leave a comment, compliment or rant (and I do encourage folks to speak their peace), you must be respectful of those who may not agree and be willing to agree to disagree and walk away as friends and fellow citizens trying to take care of our grand country together.  Those who are not respectful – well I will claim the right to dismiss those such individuals once they have been given the request to cease the lack of respectfulness.

So with that, for now from the very heart of this country we say aloha, shalom, prayers, blessings and get to know your views of the news – William & CrossDove Writer.


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