We all have our own thoughts, opinions, ideas – all of which we seemingly treasure as our own and unique, all of which come through what we decipher from family, friends, news and the world around us.

We all at one time or another like the opportunity to share those thoughts, opinions, ideas – you know let off some steam or maybe just to say ‘hey this is my opinion’.

That’s what ‘News View’ is about, an opportunity to take a few bits of current and/or more recent past news and putting our personal imprint and/or opinion on it.

So from somewhere nearly in the heart of the United States where views of news literally comes from television, the internet and yes even some newspapers and magazines (some of us still read them) – here comes a View of the News.

The News – Donald J. Trump is now the nominee for President by the Republican Party.  Donald Trump is the guy who openly says that bankruptcy and lawsuits are solid tools of business.

The View – The way I was raised, bailing out on your commitments or obligations was just not something you should do on a regular basis and bankruptcy was only something to be done as a very last option to fixing your situation.

I have declared bankruptcy and it was not a good feeling, but coming out of a nasty divorce and having lost a job with two kids to take care of – I was pinned into a corner and used it as a last resort and giving myself a so called ‘fresh’ start.  The fresh start is a misnomer as bankruptcy stays on your financial records for at least seven years and will make it harder to buy a car, a house or invest in a business.  And so it should.

But to use bankruptcy as a tool to simply get out of paying debts you don’t like, even if you had signed agreements with those expecting payment for services rendered, is just shameful and not right – especially when you do it over and over and over and over.

Donald Trump has used bankruptcy and lawsuits to get of many obligations to vendors because he knew he would bounce back and it did not bother him at all that these vendors, who rendered services to him with agreements to be paid for those services, would be out their money which in turn caused many to have to close the business.  Those who choose to attempt battle with Trumpy in court, most likely would be bombarded with high price lawyers who would maneuver the system until those vendors had no more money to fight and would either take a large, reduced payment (most times well below the actual cost they had to provide the services) or end up closing down due to the attorney fees to fight the narcissist we call Trump.

Is this the America we want?  Do we want an America that may bail out on their obligations or commitments because we may be short the funds or just don’t feel like fulfilling those obligations?

Do we want an America that will promote peace and hope for the future, or do we want an America where the administration will attempt to bully the other nations or foreign leaders into seeing our way or the highway?

If you think we have problems now with other countries or World leaders liking us and being willing to follow our lead – then wait and see what happens when Trumpy and his groonies get in with the bully type attitudes they present in the business world and attempt to walk over others on the world stage.

Yes Trumpy is a bully and I never could imagine that our country would ever possible consider voting into the White House a person whose track record in life includes over 3,500 legal cases in less than 30 years.  How you could possible vote for a person who brags about settling disagreements by burying the other party in overwhelming legal work.

How can you possible vote for a person who uses as a business tool by being a weasel to get out of paying real estate brokers, lawyers, vendors and such with legal work that will bury the person into poverty and brokedness.

If you see a Trumpy America as being good, then I am glad I never did business with you because you obviously do not care about others and for sure should be questioned about how you expect the world to be seeing us if we have a Trumpy Presidency.

You may agree or disagree with what I post – it is always your choice, but I do ask for those who are compelled to leave a comment, compliment or rant (and I do encourage folks to speak their peace), you must be respectful of those who may not agree and be willing to agree to disagree and walk away as friends and fellow citizens trying to take care of our grand country together.  Those who are not respectful – well I will claim the right to dismiss those such individuals once they have been given the request to cease the lack of respectfulness.

So with that, for now from the very heart of this country we say aloha, shalom, prayers, blessings and get to know your views of the news – William & CrossDove Writer.


(Copyright@2016, CrossDove Writer)